Too Little Too Late? UN Inspectors Allowed to Visit Syria

American officials say evidence of suspected chemical attack to be presented is likely corrupted.
2:19 | 08/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Too Little Too Late? UN Inspectors Allowed to Visit Syria
Message from the White House intended for the president of Syria. The White House saying there is very little doubt that it was the Syrian regime that used chemical weapons against his own people in recent days. And tonight more of those searing new images of the aftermath. Believed to be the single deadliest attack so far there in Syria Syria says it will allow inspectors the White House saying that time -- past. -- tonight here we ask will America -- what are the options that if so how soon. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz reporting in from the region again tonight -- David it appears tonight that the US is closer to taking military action in Syria than ever before. With strong words from US officials today. And warships at the ready. -- destroyers and submarines now with the Mediterranean Sea could launch cruise missiles into Syria whenever order. Targeting Syrian regime command and control headquarters. Airfields or aircraft that might be used to carry chemical weapons another option US fighter jets launching weapons from outside Syrian airspace. The Syrians have created this sanctuary where their surface to air missiles. Images of the suspected chemical attack have outraged the world men women and children killed in the most horrific way. President Obama says he will not intervene until the attack is verified. But administration officials are tonight saying there is a strong suspicion that the Asad regime launched the attack. Adding that the rebels do not even have the kind of rockets. In which the chemicals were believed to be delivered today Syria said it would allow UN inspectors to visit the site. But American officials say it's too little too late and the evidence they would present is likely corrupt it. So how soon could this happen. US officials tell ABC news. A response must be timely done soon enough to prevent another chemical -- we are not talking about months. I think the best that we can hope for -- to deter mr. aside. From using chemicals against his people again and worst case drag us into -- larger Middle East conflict. David the administration is also made very clear they do not want to take any kind of action alone. So there have been urgent meetings with allies here in the region. And elsewhere.

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{"id":20063468,"title":"Too Little Too Late? UN Inspectors Allowed to Visit Syria","duration":"2:19","description":"American officials say evidence of suspected chemical attack to be presented is likely corrupted.","url":"/WNT/video/late-inspectors-allowed-visit-syria-20063468","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}