Latin America emerges as COVID-19 hotspot

Both Brazil and Mexico are now reporting their highest number of cases to date.
2:04 | 05/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latin America emerges as COVID-19 hotspot
As the U.S. Works to keep the virus in check, Latin America is emerging as the new global hot spot. Cases surging in Brazil where they are digging mass graves to bury the dead. Mexico also reporting a record number of cases. Could those outbreaks fuel a second wave in the U.S.? ABC's senior foreign correspondent Ian Pannell is in Mexico City. Reporter: Tonight, the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, Brazil, where the number of graves dug barely keeps up with the body count. The country now has the second highest number of cases in the world behind only the U.S. More than 21,000 have died. Hospitals report being overrun and graveyards forced to expand. The U.S. CDC director saying what he's seeing in Brazil raises his concern about a second wave hitting America. Many politicians in Brazil blaming president bolsonaro for downplaying the threat, calling covid-19 a little flu, while ordinary Brazilians struggle with life and death. Patricia's husband has been sick for over seven days. She says he told her all he wants, his last wish, is to see his five kids. And on America's southern border, Mexico also reporting record number of cases. The latest figures showing the highest daily death toll showing we saw the discarded coffins pile up at a crematorium in Mexico City. They used to bury the dead here, but most are cremated because of the risk. Juarez, the latest hot spot. Despite president trump extending a travel ban, traffic and people still flow in both directions, amid fears the virus will too. Threatening Mexico and America. Despite this rising wave of infections, Brazil and Mexico plan to ease restrictions like the United States is doing. The risk to all of these countries looks grave, Tom? Ian Pannell with the devastating images out of Brazil and Mexico. All right, Ian.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Both Brazil and Mexico are now reporting their highest number of cases to date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70853462","title":"Latin America emerges as COVID-19 hotspot","url":"/WNT/video/latin-america-emerges-covid-19-hotspot-70853462"}