New Lawsuit Against the NFL

Star players say they were fed drugs to play through serious injuries.
2:33 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for New Lawsuit Against the NFL
-- -- hearing more about this big stunning hit on the NFL today some of the nation's toughest athletes pro football players now retired are suing. And claiming a secret world of deception by the league where powerful painkillers were handed out like candy. Encouraging players to play was broken bones and agonizing pain. ABC senior national correspondent Jim Koppel has been studying these breaking details. Violent hits like this. Broke Super Bowl winning quarterback Jim this man's neck. And injury he says NFL doctors never told him about. Leaving him to play hurt for years so today he and 500 other NFL players. Are suing charging the -- he had injuries from players behind a mask of pain pills creating a culture of drug misuse substituting players health. For profit. What you end up having is and that's decides warriors going out there on any given Sunday. That are just -- -- with a combination of the narcotics in and anti inflammatory is to try to get them out on the field. McMahon who now suffers from dementia has complained in the past saying the NFL -- the effects of concussions from players to. The NFL denies this but still settled for 765. Million dollars they knew about it. And they didn't tell us. Just like flat out -- and now this second big hit from the players including NFL hall of Famer Richard dent. Called the sack man because of the punishment he dealt opposing quarterbacks but in today's lawsuit. -- says it was the leak that damaged him by hiding a foot injury that still hasn't -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixteen times and had to over eight weeks in a row -- you mean none the lead to. Hopefully medically help you in certain ways but when you look at it long term it's all about getting back to work and good news you know. Two -- and -- and play games. NFL commissioner Roger McDowell was asked about the lawsuit late today. There's only made it -- just briefly but I don't believe any of her attorneys have had an opportunity to look at it. As you know -- in the meetings over. The former athletes say masking their pain left them -- lifelong injuries that. Cripple many of them even today and could have been prevented if they had only know and come off the field.

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{"id":23803199,"title":"New Lawsuit Against the NFL","duration":"2:33","description":"Star players say they were fed drugs to play through serious injuries.","url":"/WNT/video/lawsuit-nfl-23803199","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}