New Life For Your Broken Smartphone

Companies are now offering to repair broken cell phones which could mean big savings for consumers.
2:14 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for New Life For Your Broken Smartphone
And next tonight, our real money team with the secret to breathing new life into your broken smartphone. 30% of us will damage our phones in the next 12 months. And ABC's gio Benitez tells us an easy way to fix them and keep the money in your pocket. Completely shattered. Reporter: It's the ultimate cell phone nightmare -- your screen cracks. The spill test. You remmeber when we put these iPhone cases to the test. Everything from spilling coffee on them -- dunking them in water. To dropping them from 6 1/2 feet. Even that awful crunch. Of driving over your phone. Wow. It looks like it's okay. The cases were tested worked, but what happens when yours doesn't? Mean Shannon Jones. This is your case? You clearly didn't see our piece. No I did not see the piece. Reporter: Americans have spent some $13 billion on damaged smartphones. And 1 in 10 of us are currently using phones with cracked screens. It can cost $450 or more to replace your phone, but before you throw it out, there are places you can go to repair it for about 100 bucks. Chandon is dropping her phone off at radio shack, where just this month, their rolling out their fix it here program. I cracked the screen. Reporter: You give them your phone and an hour later, it's fixed. Check, check, check. Testing. Reporter: Repaired screens are between $100 and $200. So many companies are getting in on that cracked phone craze, too. This one in Chicago, jcd repair. You ship them your phone, they fix it and send it back. The cost? About 100 bucks. And get this. That could be $50 cheaper than if you bought insurance for your phone this year. Going to pay less to get an iPhone fixed by someone than you'll pay for the detectible. Reporter: And I-cracked will come to you. Meet them at a coffee shop and get your phone fixed on the spot for about $110. Back in radio shack -- Brand new screen on there. Reporter: Chandon's phone looks brand new. Were you scared watching it being pulled apart? Yeah. It was a little scary, but it's amazing. It looks brand new. Reporter: Gio Benitez, ABC news, New York.

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{"id":24460210,"title":"New Life For Your Broken Smartphone","duration":"2:14","description":"Companies are now offering to repair broken cell phones which could mean big savings for consumers.","url":"/WNT/video/life-broken-smartphone-24460210","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}