'Limited amount of time' to get Thai soccer team out: Officials

Facing low oxygen levels in the cave, rescuers have proposed a "buddy dive" system to guide the team on the exit journey.
3:01 | 07/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Limited amount of time' to get Thai soccer team out: Officials
Thanks so much. We to the breaking news out of Thad ton despe toe a team. The plan to get the outore urgent now T oxygenplies are wing. The boys that cannotm may have to dive to escape. ABC's James Lon on the scene for us again tonight. Rep tonight, the time for waiting is over. Originally ruled out as too dangerous, rescuers nolieve Thay have no choice but to dive the trapped boys through the maf flooded passays. The new danger, low on levels in that cave posing a significant at to their rvival. Officials say there is a limit am of time to get the boys their coach outh diains closin. The storm is coming. Now, you have a more danus becaof you have a lo water inside. Reporter: Thai Navy s.e.a.l.spropose to use buddy dive em, one experienced diver paired with one boy, guihem on that treacherous journey. Distances are comply understood water. The risky operation could begin in the next 24rs, according to an internal us government report obtained BCS. Thu.s., part of the international effort on the ground. The death of a F Thai Navy S.E.A.L. Overnight, atark reminder of ils they will face. Ear-old sanan losing consciousness on a return dive WRE the boyare stranded, he could not be revive he Posis video before he left for his volunteer mission heo Chiang R boys home," he said. Today, a mily sport draped in white and black ribbon, carrying hisody to the airport.ny now asking if the trip claimed life a skilled diver, do the B -- the gust 11 -- stand any ch? The s.e.'s death has sent shockes through them, and it's really made one think about getting those boys out as quick apossible. Imagine much Morain will fall, a how much more water seep intose caves. Officialy they have been learning to breathe underwater, but look at the actions they will face. Rescue workers climbing over jagged rock trudg through neck-deep water. Plan "B," drill THR the solid rock. Team have drilled hundred holes a have not gotten them. The boys seen smiling here, have been underground for two weeks. Their par sending them Lett insidhe cave desperat wng forir safe return. Let's G out T James longback at the C site again tonight. We thought the boys and the ach could ve waited in that cave fnths. Reporter: That's right, to that is J no longer possible.the conons in that cave changing daily. There was a plan to root an oxygen cable into that chamber, butt was unsuccessful. According to that U.S. Port, they will B the Thai prime minister on the plan to go D. They wnot ready to die, and it could be backthrawing board, Tom. A rescue operation that seems to be chagute by te. Thanks so much. Next, the trump

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Facing low oxygen levels in the cave, rescuers have proposed a \"buddy dive\" system to guide the team on the exit journey. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56416254","title":"'Limited amount of time' to get Thai soccer team out: Officials","url":"/WNT/video/limited-amount-time-thai-soccer-team-officials-56416254"}