London attack: Eight minutes of terror

The suspects ran pedestrians down along London Bridge, then jumped out and starting stabbing people at popular outdoor market.
3:46 | 06/04/17

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Transcript for London attack: Eight minutes of terror
two weeks after a deadly attack at her concert there. And the response from president trump and authorities overseas. Here in the U.S., on high alert. The coverage from London. Reporter: Eight minutes. Londoners today reckoning with what happened in those eight chaotic minutes of terror that shattered a summer night. And then some guy comes around the corner and went, "Run! Run! Run! They got blades, knifes, they are gonna stab you. They are terrorists. Run!" Reporter: It began at 10:08 P.M. A white van heading south on London bridge suddenly swerves off the road up on the sidewalk and accelerates, running down pedestrians, leaving them broken and bloodied on the pavement. It's indescribable, the state they were in. You never think you're going to see something like that. Reporter: The bbc's holly Jones just happened to be on the bridge. This is when I saw the driver of the vehicle and -- definitely intentional. He didn't look scared, he looked focused and I'd almost like to say the word demented. Reporter: That van coming to a stop at the south end of London bridge. We heard a crash almost. Loud noise. A lot of loud noises. Reporter: Three men get out, armed with long knives, head towards the bustling borough market, and begin slashing and stabbing people indiscriminately. They said that "This is for Allah." All three of them ran up, just likehat. Everywhere, just stabbing all over. Reporter: Elisabeth o'neil's son Daniel was there and survived an attack. And a man went up to him and said this is for my family, this is for Islam and stuck a knife straight in him. He's got a seven-inch scar going from his belly round to his back. Reporter: In the streets, panic. I just saw loads of people run away from the market and there was people lying on the ground. Reporter: Police swarming the scene, ordering terrified patrons taurants to take cover. Get down! Reporter: Police quickly corner the suspects. Then a hail of gunfire. Oh, my god! Reporter: All told, 50 shots fired by officers. And all three attackers, dead on the ground, each wearing what looked like suicide vests, but were fakes, meant to spread terror. It was 10:16 P.M. Eight minutes. The injured on the ground, first responders applying pressure to stem the bleeding from the knife wounds. Of the 48 people admitted to hospitals, 21 are in critical condition. Would you please leave the area for your own safety! Reporter: Terrified crowds, hustled to safety, told by police to keep their hands on their heads. This, the third attack in the uk in three months. Prime minister Theresa may addressing her people, vowing tougher anti-terror measures. We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. Things need to change. Reporter: That killer van, towed away late today, while the survivors count their blessings. I'm just so, so lucky, you know? It was one meter away and I'm just so grateful, so thankful. I will never take my life for granted. And Terry joins us live from one of the scenes of the attacks. So many stories emerging of regular people taking on the terrorists and fighting back. And tonight, one police officer in the hospital is being called a hero? Reporter: We're learning more about several people who took on the attackers, using everything from chairs to pints of beer. The transport police officer, confronting all three attackers, armed only with his baton. Seizing the initiative, saving lives. Tonight, he's in the hospital, seriously injured, but

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The suspects ran pedestrians down along London Bridge, then jumped out and starting stabbing people at popular outdoor market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"47826831","title":"London attack: Eight minutes of terror ","url":"/WNT/video/london-attack-minutes-terror-47826831"}