Lone Powerball Winner Yet to Claim Golden Ticket

Lucky lottery winner faces giant bite out of earnings with new tax bill.
1:47 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Lone Powerball Winner Yet to Claim Golden Ticket
massive powerful jackpot and the one winning ticket. The holder of that ticket is a mystery tonight. But the size of the payout is now very clear. What is so clear is how much that winner will paytaxes with the higher rates for the rich. Here's abc's rob nelson tonight. 31. Reporter: One numbers game now leads to another. The lucky soul who won the winning ticket in new jersey beat the extraordinary odds of 175 million to 1. The winner can take a lump sum payment of $211 million. Or take the full $338 million over the next three decades. Mostinners, of course, go for the instant gratification. And this year it comes with a heftier tax bill. In fact. 11 million more to uncle sam, this year compared to last year. The winner's name and hometown could be released as early as tomorrow. And I was thinking, is that the right numbers? Is that the right numbers? And I was shaking. Reporter: Mark and cindy hill are now using their $136 million in winnings from last year to build a new ball field and firestation in their missouri hometown. Others dream of things slightly more self-indulgent. A beach house. A mansion down in asbury park. Custom hot rods. I would get a car where only I could fit in it. Not my kids. Reporter: In fact, with $211 million, you can afford 105 personal submarines, 24 private caribbean islands. And even 17 vintage ferrari testa rossas. Let's focus on the one number that everybody, more than 80 million of us, are really focused on today. Zero.

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{"id":18802912,"title":"Lone Powerball Winner Yet to Claim Golden Ticket","duration":"1:47","description":"Lucky lottery winner faces giant bite out of earnings with new tax bill.","url":"/WNT/video/lone-powerball-winner-claim-golden-ticket-18802912","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}