Made in America Championship Round, Viewers Decide the Winner

Inventors go head to head for a chance to showcase their ideas at Wal-Mart.
3:31 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Made in America Championship Round, Viewers Decide the Winner
And now to made in america and the championship round. This week we've been showing you american inventors and their simple ideas that could make a fortune at walmart. Tonight you get to help pick a winner. It's not just about creativity. It's about hometown jobs. Our made in america team david muir is here. You were the only one in the room with them. I think I'm still recovering. It was a sweat filled room and i was included in that. The stakes were enormous. We have reported on so many inventors who spent thousands of their hard earned money and wait years and still never got a shot before a major retailer. Tonight thousands of entries narrowed down to 20 finalists right here first. Reporter: Tonight it's down to just 20. The finalists about to be announced after our report. One of them will end up on walmart's shelf. The made in america team coast to coast. More than 1,000 american inventors to start. The moment they got the call. Packing their bags. And for every one of them. Countless others just trying to get in front of a retailer. Which explains the stakes. In front of those judges and two more to go. Gabriel bestard whose smart phone unlocks the door as you approach. No fumbling for keys but fumbling for words -- can I start again please? He locked them in anyway, making the final 20. Cynette thom with the gps for your dog. After a rocky start -- huge cat loving -- Reporter: She looks to the crew, gives it another shot. One in three pets go missing in your lifetime. Reporter: She makes the list. Tonight so many others you already met here an "world news" making the list, too. That mom from tennessee kimberly McCAIN AND HER ERASELET, THE Bracelet that erases for your kids. This evening she's made the cut. A key part of her pitch, a promise that got our attention. She's already picked the american factory. Manufacturers are here and they want our business. Reporter: Those workers just waiting in hot springs, arkansas. We know who they're voting for. Also making the list, this iowa dad who invented a race track, the blue track. Your kids design the loops but american workers will make those tracks. I could actually get people in the plants working again. Reporter: There is chris who broke into that sweat last night with his bungee that you attach to your dog's leash, no more yanking their necks. Is he going to be okay? Yes. Reporter: He's okay all right. He maded cut and is determined to make it here. All the parts are sourced from american companies. Reporter: Remember angel who had the judges in tears inventing a head wrap. Here I was in the prime of my life and everything was taken away. Reporter: Tonight she's a finalist hoping to help women and workers, too. I watch the news and I see that we need jobs in america. Reporter: You met the judges, richard, carrie, andrea, and you at home. Whose sweat, whose tears will pay off? The full list of 20 getting posted right now. You can look it up online. Their entire pitches on the web right here after "world news" and of course we're rooting for every american idea. All of those included. The voting begins next week. Go online, everybody. Thank you, david.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Inventors go head to head for a chance to showcase their ideas at Wal-Mart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20312579","title":"Made in America Championship Round, Viewers Decide the Winner","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-championship-round-viewers-decide-winner-20312579"}