Made in America: Mexico

Exports to Mexico are on the rise, which could means jobs for Americans.
4:27 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for Made in America: Mexico
And now, tonight, made in america is back with some powerful news about the opportunity to create american jobs right across the border. There are new numbers tonight showing mexico has doubled its spending on american products. Already helping to create a total of six million jobs. So how much bigger could this get, and what are they buying? The leader of our made in america team, david muir, is just back from mexico. Great to see you. And mexico, latin america, the middle class there growing and they are buying. A stunning number, american exports to mexico, up 121%. So what are they buying? Reporter: We land in mexico city before dawn. Within minutes, an american giant lighting up the highway. But we were headed someplace else. We're here in mexico city before sunrise. We're trying to get to the train in time that's coming all the way from dearborn, michigan. A hint -- through the trees. The ford sign coming into view. Hola, como estas, soy david. Reporter: Before we even get to the train that's arrived, the lot. All of these fords come from america? Yes. Reporter: We wanted proof. Asking where is this one from? De america? Yes. Reporter: No one quite sure, so we decided to look. Reporter: Louisville, kentucky. So this escape was made in -- they point to mexico's growing middle class, and a growing hunger for american cars. Reporter: Michigan. And the train comes all the way through the u.S.? Cuantos dias para el train de michigan? Catorce. Reporter:14 days to get here from michigan. Reporter: On the train, each of them scanned. Ricardo ready to drive off. Hours later trading me for his young family, their american car. And it's not just the cars. And the brambila family buys american. But some of those iconic brands we found in the pantry, are made in mexico. So we had a challenge. Find the ones made by american workers in the states. We're going to give you one hour. Yes. You're confident? Yes. This family had a hunger, for american food. I wonder if the beef comes from america. Reporter: All of us stumped. I order for the whole fall. -- Family. Dos number tres. Reporter: We asked him where the burgers are from. Oh, imported from the united states? Carl's jr says 20 new restaurants this year in mexico. Those fries, from louisiana. Much of the beef from the burgers, from texas. With full stomachs, we arrive at costco, where the parking lot is proof the middle class is growing. They have a security guard directing traffic in the parking lot here. Una hora, ready, go. First the meat. Usda grade. All of it from america. Time's a tickin'. As the parents shop for made in america, I do too. The original big wheel made in michigan in iowa. But andre thought he was too big. Cuantos anos tienes. Cuatro. Es perfecto por cuatro. The hour was up. Here comes tati. This is incredible. Okay, so wait a minute. Among their finds? Cape cod chips have you been to the cape? No. Reporter: This cracked me up. This is my product. Reporter: Music to their ears in san diego. They've hired ten new workers. Made in america! Reporter: Then there was the to be asko. It sounds like mexican, but we all know it's american. American and still made by american workers. Everything in their cart -- made in america! Andre still not convinced. The folks at wd 40 so ecstatic to hear the news. There was one other thing on the shelf, it's so popular, looks like it's made in mexico, until you turn it around, made in america, and it holds the secret to creating jobs back home for so many companies. So tomorrow night, you'll tell all of us how we can get a piece of the action. Absolutely.

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{"id":19121231,"title":"Made in America: Mexico","duration":"4:27","description":"Exports to Mexico are on the rise, which could means jobs for Americans.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-mexico-19121231","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}