Majestic Athletic Boasts All-Star American Workers

Company from Easton, Pennsylvania, has been making clothing for Major League Baseball for decades.
3:00 | 07/14/15

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Transcript for Majestic Athletic Boasts All-Star American Workers
Finally tonight here America's pastime baseball's all star game in Cincinnati but tonight we celebrate another starting lineup. In America. Before dole begins on the field there are American workers who are already the all star because it turns out something we'll see the big game. I'll need America. We drove to Easton Pennsylvania where wall before baseball season but different all star lineup. Inside the majestic factory they make the uniform was as big things. That's right the cardinals the giants the Yankees the Astros just to name a few yes Diane honey problem if you've been here. Six bears. Are saluting Diane tonight and went Anna Maria watches the big game. She knows she made those youth sports. Not everybody says I did best he came out of my hard work that. And just nothing better than have something maybe mile sat. It's America's national pastime baseball and apple pie. They shipped out 20000. Jerseys even before the season began and they sent just back with a view the Yankees giants the cardinals the Phillies the cubs. The Red Sox to. But then again I never made it has Little League with these guys definitely did they are very. I try out for the angels. On the field leading off the American League and Andrew McCutchen for the pirates getting ready for the big game and getting ready for world news tonight to. Made in a matter don't forget the cap. David freeze of the angels offered to those three words made in America in Jonathan Luc Roy from the brewers made in America. All of their faces all of their uniforms. Making the home team that with the majestic factory in Eastern Pennsylvania. They're proud of. It and closest I'll ever get to the major leagues but we love those workers tonight I'm David Muir I hope to see you right back here tomorrow until then good.

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{"id":32455567,"title":"Majestic Athletic Boasts All-Star American Workers","duration":"3:00","description":"Company from Easton, Pennsylvania, has been making clothing for Major League Baseball for decades.","url":"/WNT/video/majestic-athletic-boasts-star-american-workers-32455567","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}