Man Posing as Pilot Makes It Into Cockpit

ABC News' David Kerley explains how he got past security and how they caught him.
2:35 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Man Posing as Pilot Makes It Into Cockpit
Now to that brazen attempt on board a us airways flight. A man posing as a pilot, walking right into the cockpit and taking a seat. Abc's david kerley tonight on the co-pilot who smartly began asking questions. Reporter: It was an us airways jetliner in philly that this man was able to sneak into the cockpit with a ticket and dressed like a pilot. That landed 61-year-old frenchman philippe a jail cell tonight. Authorities tell us jernnard was wearing an air france logo shirt and leather jacket. He asked for an upgrade at the gate. He was denied and said, "that's why I hate americans." He then boarded the plane, but instead of going to his seat, entered the cockpit and sat down in one of the airplane's jumpseats. In the cockpit, the co-pilot started asking questions. JERNNARD SAYS HE FLIES 747s. Then, the gate agent enters the cockpit, recognizing the passenger and tells the frenchman to leave. Police are call and they discover jernnard has a crude fake air france i.D. Well, it's concerning because we don't know what his designs were. Reporter: Aviation experts say the security system worked. The suspect wasn't in the cockpit when the plane was operating and never posed a danger. But another imposter was successful last fall. In the cockpit, this man, who was arreste in italy after making a flight dressed as a pilot. One report suggests he had hollywood as anner suspicion ration. Right out of the movie. You're a little late, but the jump seat is open. Reporter: "Catch me if you can." Frank taylor, pan am, thanks for giving me a lift, boys. Reporter: But unlike him, this character never got off the ground. He was headed to florida to play golf. Tonight, he's being held on a million dollars bail. Among the charges, criminal trespass and imper nation. David? David kerley at reagan national tonight. David, thank you. I want to bring in john nance tonight. And john, when we heard this today, we wouldn't believe it. Instead of turning right down the aisle, he makes a left turn right into the cockpit. How does this happen? Well, first, the cockpit door is very often open on the ground before we start closing things up, so, that part is understandable. But what a -- I can't believe the guy thought he could get away with this. And this happened before the plane actually pushed back. So, what are the chances he could have pulled this off any longer here? The chances are pretty much absolute zero. Any pilot is going to ask for the paperwork. There's got to be something from the company, a good i.D. He failed on both those counts. And even if those are good, you're still going to have an exchange as pilots and we're going to know that this is not really a pilot.

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{"id":18794280,"title":"Man Posing as Pilot Makes It Into Cockpit","duration":"2:35","description":"ABC News' David Kerley explains how he got past security and how they caught him.","url":"/WNT/video/man-posing-pilot-makes-cockpit-18794280","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}