Meteor Scramble: Hunt Begins for Pricey Space Rocks

Scientists, collectors search for valuable fragments following meteor crash in Russia.
2:40 | 02/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meteor Scramble: Hunt Begins for Pricey Space Rocks
We do begin with the aftermath from that massive meteor that came crashing to earth, thousands of people still stunned by what they saw. New images coming in this evening, the streak across the sky that kept getting brighter. These images captured by a dash cam. Look at this tonight, clearer picture of the icy lake, where they believe a piece of that meteor came crashing through. Tonight, the massive cleanup, the miles of broken glass, the crumbled buildings and, of course, the injured recovering from their wounds and one more major development this evening, the hunt is now on for pieces of that rock and the giant price tag they could bring. Abc's kirit radia made his way to is the city where meteor came crashing down. Reporter: The blast was bone-rattling. The giant meteor exploding in midair, knocking people to ground, sending others fleeing. Stunned residents say they still can't believe what happened. "It's something that we only saw in the movies," he says. "We never thought we would see it ourselves." Today, the cleanup began. Over 24,000 troops and emergency responders arriving to help, collecting debris from a collapsed wall, replacing and boarding up blown-out windows. Nasa says this was the biggest meteor to hit earth in over a century, weighing more than the eiffel tower, its explosion in the atmosphere, the equivalent of 30 hiroshima bombs. Officials say over 1,200 people were injured, over 4,000 buildings damaged and over a million square feet of glass shattered, the size of about 20 football fields. There are broken storefronts and windows like this one all around the city, you can see them all the way down the street behind me. The city is littered with broken glass that caused most of the injuries. The hunt is on for thousands of fragments that could have hit the ground, divers searched this frozen lake where one piece is thought to have created this massive hole in the ice. Meteor hunters from around the world are calling this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I haven't been able to sleep for the past two days. A small piece could be worth thousands of dollars. Bigger chunks, hundreds of thousands. There's no doubt that millions and millions of dollars in value, pieces fell to earth. Reporter: The frozen ground and snow will help preserve the meteor debris. A new cosmic gold rush. There are already people here who want to cash in on the worldwide attention. They want to turn this remote city into a tourist destination.

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{"id":18521760,"title":" Meteor Scramble: Hunt Begins for Pricey Space Rocks","duration":"2:40","description":"Scientists, collectors search for valuable fragments following meteor crash in Russia.","url":"/WNT/video/meteor-scramble-hunt-begins-pricey-space-rocks-18521760","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}