Michael Brown's Private Autopsy Reveals Multiple Gunshot Wounds

National Guard troops are called in after another night of violence and tear gas strike Ferguson, Mo.
5:58 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Michael Brown's Private Autopsy Reveals Multiple Gunshot Wounds
Fast moving news on -- Ferguson Missouri where right now the National Guard has been deployed. A grand jury may start hearing evidence within 48 hours about the moment a police officer. Killed a young man named Michael brown and we have team coverage tonight of the latest developments starting with ABC's Steve -- -- Who has been there every night trust that has the latest at this moment and. Let's never forget that at the heart of the unrest in Ferguson Missouri is what happened between these two people. A young white police officer recognized for his excellent service and a young black man about to start college. Tonight the militarized police state that seems so un American to so many is returning to the city the Missouri National Guard rolling in today. Today President Obama saying he hopes the troops felt like things. Worse I'll be watching over the next several days. To assess whether in fact it's helping rather than hindering. Progress and -- This after flash grenades and the -- -- tear gas. And the sounds of screams from frightened demonstrators filled the night -- yet again. Multiple. Molotov cocktail was thrown -- police. Have -- -- police deployed tear gas and attempt to disperse the crowd and stop. The violent action. The black state police captain from the city and charged with protecting it beyond frustrated. The Turks gathering before the shooting and looting he told Stanley's he wasn't the enemy -- -- over. -- and ignore my son's room. -- -- The in the police force here have arrested more than fifty people police say most are young and from outside the city and not a part of the peaceful protests during the day. Most of the drama unfolding on a few city blocks near police headquarters he executed. Results from the separate autopsy of the unarmed eighteen year old -- come again. Very preliminary. Autopsy is that at least six. Send -- six. -- anymore. But at least six. The private medical examiner for the family says brown was shot as he was facing the officer. But it's not clear if he was charging forward or giving up. The muzzle of the gun was at least -- to be away muzzle. At the time this talked to -- thirty feet away the same thing. Four of the gunshot wounds were to his arm. But he was killed by the bullet that struck the top of his head. The governor here has lifted the curfew so families here are bracing for the worst tonight. Schools which were supposed to start a week ago are still delayed because of the unrest. And a flight restriction remains in place over the entire city because of gunshot. Fired in the air. All right Steve but I want to go back for a moment of the news about that one autopsy showing six shocked -- -- Yes six shots in the lawyers for the families say that. That's enough for charges here they say that this young man with six before one of those shots at the top of his head. And they say the only way that could have happened if he was on the ground. Surrendering dynamics of the family's response tonight thank you so much Steve -- and -- once again reporting and for us. And speaking of the family -- brings us to earlier today when Michael Brown's mother spoke exclusively to Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts about justice. The police officer. And what it will take to restore peace in one American city. I know that you -- the family have distanced yourself from the violence because you know it takes away from being. The focus of the investigation being -- your -- what happened how can peace be restored man and. We just. What -- justice to. -- being fair. -- in this man. Making him accountable for the -- And what about accountability and motive exactly what did happen on that day and Ferguson. ABC's Alex Perez takes us through what we know and the big questions of which the whole case could turn. Tonight we are learning a grand jury could hear evidence as soon as Wednesday on what exactly happened in that moment when Michael brown and officer Darren Wilson came face to face. So much about that night still murky. What's not in dispute is that brown was walking in the street with a friend heading to his grandmother's house. When Wilson pulled up in a squad car what happened next will be key to determine whether Wilson will face jail time. According to police brown approached the car and got rough. It is our understanding at this point in the investigation. That within the police car there was a struggle over the officer's weapon. Police say Wilson had bruises on his face from that struggle but eyewitnesses tell a very different story about a much more aggressive officer. Heavily plugged up these diseases that party say get that elf on -- I'll walk. Like he was kind of like trying to push -- away from the car and. Happens trying to -- -- -- and while no one disputes that the first shot was fired while Wilson was still in the car it's unclear what happened when the officer got out of the vehicle. Some witnesses say brown was trying to get away. He was running in the -- -- but if armed. He just stop -- -- vehicle after he -- got shot repeatedly. That Michael Brown was running away as opposed to. Confronting the officer that makes a huge difference -- it it it certainly does it it would be hard to see. A justification. He if there's some of the witnesses said had his hands up. It was trying to surrendered to be shot like that. Officer Wilson remains in hiding tonight and the grand jury is expected to decide soon whether the officer could have to defend his actions in a courtroom how express ABC news Ferguson Missouri.

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{"id":25029355,"title":"Michael Brown's Private Autopsy Reveals Multiple Gunshot Wounds","duration":"5:58","description":"National Guard troops are called in after another night of violence and tear gas strike Ferguson, Mo.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-browns-private-autopsy-reveals-multiple-gunshot-wounds-25029355","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}