Middle East on the Brink: Israel Prepared to Invade Gaza

As the death toll passes 100, Egypt's leaders try to broker a cease-fire.
4:18 | 11/19/12

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Transcript for Middle East on the Brink: Israel Prepared to Invade Gaza
As we come on the air a high stakes and dangerous standoff is gripping the middle east. Families on both sides caught in the cross fire. Some with just seconds to find safety. Others with no protection at all. The air strikes are escalating. Israel poised to invade gaza. Hamas daring them to make good on the threat. A region is on the brink of all-out war, and tonight, world leaders are wondering what can be done to prevent it. Our team has been out reporting from the field all day. Abc's christiane amanpour is standing by in jerusalem tonight, and we begin with abc's alex marquardt in gaza. Good evening, alex. Reporter: Good evening george. As the death toll soared past 100 today, you could feel the anger growing. Gazans are furious with over the civilians deaths, but despite the loss of life, they're not backing down. A massive explosion as israeli air strikes pounded gaza today. While militants rocket flew into israel. And amidst it all, this -- tiny bodies of the dead as they left the hospital today carried through the crowd for their funerals. "We ask all the militant groups to retaliate for these massacres," this man said. "We shouldn't talk about a ceasefire at all." There were killed sunday by a missile that obliterated the three-story house, killed nine from a single family, israel said it was an accident. In southern israel where our matt gutman is reporting, th this-year-old plays with her trike until sirens sound. Eight members of the family huddling together during the explosion. What we think was one of the iron dome missiles intercepted overhead. There was a big boom and, of course, everybody ran right down into the bunker. When the sirens sound, you have just 30 seconds to get to the shelter. So families don't leave home. Schools and businesses are closed. Just over the border tonight, egypt is leading intense international talks to broker a cease-fire. In cambodia today, president obama worked the phones calling israel and egypt's leaders. But back here, between the bombs, children were able to get outside and smile while others hoped for quieter times. We need peace. We need peace. If this is stopped, israel will stop. Reporter: Both sides want peace but blame the other for preventing it. Tonight while many hope for a peace deal the missiles keep flying.

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{"id":17764169,"title":"Middle East on the Brink: Israel Prepared to Invade Gaza","duration":"4:18","description":"As the death toll passes 100, Egypt's leaders try to broker a cease-fire.","url":"/WNT/video/middle-east-brink-israel-prepared-invade-gaza-17764169","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}