Midwest Fights Unstoppable Floods

Rivers hit danger levels as a tornado touches down near Indianapolis.
2:04 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Midwest Fights Unstoppable Floods
threatening skies and rising water in parts of country. This afternoon, a tornado touches down near Indianapolis. Throwing a camper into a home. At the same time, in another part of the midwest they're fighting the unstoppable flood, seven major rivers still rising tonight. And ABC's Alex Perez has storm warnings at this hour. Tonight. A powerful storm and possible tornado sweeping through the Indianapolis area, damaging homes, knocking down trees and creating a panic this afternoon as many scrambled to get to safety. I heard a lot of banging and rattling, I headed downstairs to get to an interior part of the house. Reporter: All this as Indianapolis works to recover from a massive storm that brought strong winds and torrential downpours Monday. Mother nature unleashing her anger across the midwest. Golf-ball sized hail slamming parts of Bentley, Kansas, making driving almost impossible. Across Minnesota, a race against time. Crews filling sandbags trying to get ahead of swollen rivers made worse by heave downpours. Near St. Paul, the mighty Mississippi rising. The river now over five feet above flood stage. Residents fighting to stay dry. I can't even comprehend this. It's awful, that's the word I got to giv you. It's terrible, it's dirty. Reporter: Minnesota governor mark Dayton today touring hard-hit Delano. And near minnehaha creek one child who fell into the creeks raging flood-filled waters is lucky to be alive. Luke Olson saw it all happen and jumped in and rescued the child. He was in the water quite a while. I knew something needed to be done. Reporter: Here in St. Paul Minnesota it's the Mississippi they are keeping their eyes on. You can see the floodwater is already all the way up the swings here on this playground and those buildings behind me also underwater. The river here not expected to crest until Thursday, but there's a chance of more rain and flash flooding later this week. Diane? Thank you. Alex Perez in the water and on

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{"id":24290904,"title":"Midwest Fights Unstoppable Floods","duration":"2:04","description":"Rivers hit danger levels as a tornado touches down near Indianapolis. ","url":"/WNT/video/midwest-fights-unstoppable-floods-24290904","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}