Millions on alert as tornadoes threaten the South

There was already a deadly outbreak of tornadoes in the South earlier this week.
3:50 | 03/28/21

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Transcript for Millions on alert as tornadoes threaten the South
Breaking news as we come on the air. A new major tornado threat. More than 50 million people on alert for severe weather this weekend. The overnight hours expected to be the most dangerous time, while many are sleeping. A line of strong storms sweeping across the south with damaging winds. Large hail already falling. You can see here in Tennessee. And lightning striking this neighborhood. Tornado watches now in effect following those already deadly storms. The danger zone extending all the way from Texas to north Carolina. Parts of the south bracing for their third major severe weather threat in the past ten days. This video from a neighborhood in Georgia. Scenes like these repeated across the region. Officials confirming a powerful ef-4 tornado caused much of the damage. The first to hit the state in a decade. We're following all of it tonight. The latest on the track and the timing in a moment, but we start things off with ABC's elwyn Lopez in Birmingham, Alabama. Reporter: Tonight -- Ooh! Reporter: Millions across the south bracing for severe weather. Dangerous lightning and large hail already in Tennessee. This as alabamians are cleaning up after Thursday's deadly tornado outbreak. This is the ef-3 twister with 140 mile-per-hour winds that tore through the densely populated south side of Birmingham, on the ground for more than 34 miles. Volunteers wearing those red shirts, now pouring through the hard-hit areas, helping their neighbors pick up what's left behind. How long will you be here working on these houses, helping the neighborhood? As long as it's needed. We have no windows. Reporter: No roof. Dave grubic grateful for the community's help. His home a total loss. The sounds of chain saws a symbol, he says, of unity and compassion. You can hear it in the background. It's just amazing. Reporter: Strangers, neighbors, volunteers just coming together to help. Everything. It is unbelievable. I've got goose bumps just talking to you. Reporter: Outside Atlanta, Georgia's governor touring the damage caused by an ef-4 tornado that hit the city of newnan around midnight Friday morning. The state's first ef-4 twister in a decade, with winds of up to 170 miles per hour. In the last 10 days, more than 60 confirmed tornadoes touching down across nearly a dozen states. Just incredible images that we're seeing. Elwyn Lopez joins us from Birmingham, Alabama, inside one of the damaged homes. The man who lives there telling you he's thankful he nearly missed the tornado. Reporter: That's right, he says he left this bedroom two hours before a tornado sliced through it. The roof peeled off his home, open to the sky. The damage a sign of how important it is to move to a safe place when you get those weather warnings and that you have multiple ways of getting them. Whit? Those weather alerts so critical. Elwyn Lopez, thank you. Let's get to senior meteorologist rob Marciano. Rob, walk us through it here. We know some of the biggest dangers will come overnight. Reporter: Yeah, we've already seen very active weather in the way of damaging storm reports in Tennessee and North Carolina, where we have a severe weather watch up that includes Raleigh and parts of the coastal areas. Flash flood watches up. Flooding in Tennessee and a huge area of tornado watches that stretch in some cases until 11:00 tonight. Shreveport, Greenville, little Rock. Tupelo, you're in the hot zone. Nashville, tornado threat that. Does come mostly in the overnight areas. Explosion of storms around midnight. The line pushes east into the mid-atlantic. Charlotte and Raleigh, Norfolk, D.C. Wind and rain event for the northeast through tomorrow evening as well before this whole system moves out. Whit? Rob, we know you'll stay on top of it for "Gma" tomorrow. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"There was already a deadly outbreak of tornadoes in the South earlier this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76727213","title":"Millions on alert as tornadoes threaten the South","url":"/WNT/video/millions-alert-tornadoes-threaten-south-76727213"}