Millions in the Path of Tornadoes Striking the Heartland

Multiple funnel clouds and tornadoes reported in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma.
2:56 | 05/07/15

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Transcript for Millions in the Path of Tornadoes Striking the Heartland
We begin tonight with breaking news those tornadoes touching down millions of Americans warned as we head into the evening of severe weather coming. You Oklahoma City this funnel cloud coming down from the sky and we have live pictures tonight. Coming in from Cleveland county Oklahoma you can see how ominous this guy is as were on the air tonight. In Kansas late this afternoon you can hear the tornado sirens up. So many homes so many families the sea being taking this threat seriously and here's the radar. That's so concerning tonight the trouble moving across several states and very active night ahead. Meteorologist rob Marciano standing by with the storm track with first ABC's wide Owens leading us off from doubts. In a large multiple vortex. Tornado on the ground or south of Lincoln. Severe weather striking the heartland tonight several tornadoes reported in Kansas we have a roof they just blew through the end of this is a serious situation. Tornado sirens sounding the alarm. This entire storm is spinning Oklahoma is also in the cross hair go into your tornado shelter immediately this is the strongest that we had seen. Near Oklahoma City streets littered with downed power lines this building. What's left of a fire station in the small town of bridge creek Oklahoma. Nearby home after home flattened this one torn right off its foundation. Our roofs torn off this barn siding off this hotel the parking lot of a strip mall flood. This time lapse shows the storm from the top of that damaged hotel. Even Oklahoma City under a tornado watch tonight. This tornado hit its. Absolutely it is yet eagerly while life. A half dozen tornadoes reported across the state of Texas in just the last 24 hours there's a funnel near knows what's really get stronger. The storms are bringing badly needed rain to thirsty Texas but flooding overwhelmed some roads near Austin a handful of drivers had to be rescued. The threat for violent tornadoes far from over tonight this is shaping up to be a very dangerous evening throughout. A middle of the country. David art rhino is leading to soften let's get right to rob now who's tracking and I'll probably want to echoing that a very dangerous situation unfolding right now want to get right the radar David that this is the storm that has a history of producing a tornado now into southwest Oklahoma City Moore Oklahoma. An unfortunate history in these parts of C devastating tornadoes this one could do just that over the next to our two. It's not the only place it reports in three states of tornadoes already we have three tornado watches out that go through the evening tomorrow we back it up a little bit to the west. And stretch a little bit to the south large hail strong winds and maybe tornadoes again we're also watching the situation southeast of Florida a better chance tonight of a developing into a our first named subtropical or tropical storm of the season heading towards the Carolinas. Heavier rain rough surf and maybe so win heading towards the weekend and very early for that as well right thank you.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Multiple funnel clouds and tornadoes reported in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30861175","title":"Millions in the Path of Tornadoes Striking the Heartland","url":"/WNT/video/millions-path-tornadoes-striking-heartland-30861175"}