Millions of people traveling during the holiday encounter severe weather conditions

Snow, wind and icy conditions wreak havoc on both coasts of the U.S.
4:07 | 12/27/17

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Transcript for Millions of people traveling during the holiday encounter severe weather conditions
And we begin with that deadly winter wallop, striking the day after Christmas, as millions of Americans travel for the holidays. Snow falling from coast to coast. Eye-popping accumulations in parts of Pennsylvania and upstate New York. More than 50 inches in some spots. And it's not just snow. Wind chill alerts in 20 states. This time lapse video from Duluth, Minnesota, where temperatures hit 21 degrees below zero. Causing steam and fog to rise from lake superior. Four killed in one interstate crash in Kansas. Slow going from the great Lakes through the northeast. And a frightening moment at Boston's Logan airport, when a jet blue passenger plane skidded out after landing in slick conditions. Airline delays stacking up tonight as that arctic blast moves east. ABC's Alex Perez gets us started in New York. Reporter: Tonight, with millions on the roads, the lake effect snow machine is shattering records and grinding travel to a halt. The city of Erie, Pennsylvania, declaring a snow emergency. Crews unable to keep up with the nearly four and a half feet of snow that fell in just 36 hours. Overnight, dozens of cars spinning off highways and these drivers backed up for miles on interstate 90 outside of town. That lake effect snow leaving Buffalo buried. Whiteout conditions all the way to Kalamazoo. That snow fueled by bone-chilling air, causing car wrecks in Kansas, where at least four people died after sliding off the road. In the northwest, icy roads causing pileups. In Oregon, one driver injured. Lost control. Did a 360, hit a car on the next lane and ended up here. Reporter: Meanwhile, parts of the northeast are digging out after getting blizzard conditions for Christmas. White-knuckle travel from Maine to Massachusetts, where there was thundersnow. Thundersnow! Reporter: And winds gusted to 65 miles an hour, knocking this beam off the sagamore bridge and knocking out power to thousands. At Boston's Logan overnight, flights were delayed for hours, and one almost didn't make it. We were spinning, and spinning, and spinning. Everything's fine. We just skidded on the ice, ugh. Reporter: Passengers evacuating onto the icy tarmac and onto shuttle buses after a jetblue plane from Savannah spun all the way around. Thankfully, no one was injured. And Alex Perez joins us live now, just outside of Buffalo. Alex, it's hard to make out what's behind you, because everything is frozen and they're expecting even more snow? Reporter: That's right, Tom. It's hard to believe even staring right at it. Take a look behind me there. This is lake Erie back there, and the water coming up to the shore here freezing solid. That's a bench underneath there. Aaa says they're getting about 100 calls an hour for help, and it's not over just yet. They are expecting more snow, about a foot more, just south of here in the next 24 hours. Tom? Incredible snow and incredible images. Alex, thank you. And that arctic blast likely will be dangerous wind child alerts in 20 states. Some 45 million Americans feeling the cold. Let's get right to ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano with more. Rob? Reporter: Good evening, Tom. Right now, in the least amount of daylight and the least amount of cold all year long. Through Erie, northern Michigan, another one to two feet, as Alex mentioned, on top of the four and five feet they've seen. Stunning totals in the next 24 hours for sure. Wind chills, as you mentioned, 20 states in the frozen zone. In Chicago, going to feel like minus 14. By Thursday, even colder across the east coast. Boston will feel like minus 16. 5 in Philadelphia. Single digits down into the Carolinas. That cold air sits in place right through the new year, with multiple opportunities of snow and ice. Tom? We're going to have to brace for this winter. Rob, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Snow, wind and icy conditions wreak havoc on both coasts of the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52002012","title":"Millions of people traveling during the holiday encounter severe weather conditions","url":"/WNT/video/millions-people-traveling-holiday-encounter-severe-weather-conditions-52002012"}