Minnesota Rivers Rising as Forecast Calls for More Drenching Rain

Rivers are spilling over their banks as new flash flood fears arise.
3:04 | 06/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Minnesota Rivers Rising as Forecast Calls for More Drenching Rain
flooding concerns stretching across several states. Eight major rivers swollen. More drenching rain and severe weather on the way. In Illinois this was the picture through the windshield. Drivers faced flash flooding. Roadways suddenly disappearing. In Illinois entire neighborhoods surrounded by water. And take a look at Mt. Rushmore. You see the famous faces of the presidents there and the lightning flashes behind them. And tonight there is more rain coming to Minneapolis where that mudslide sheared away the land underneath the hospital. The hospital still standing. The forecast for the rain and possible tornadoing in a moment here but ABC outside Minneapolis tonight. Reporter: Along the river in the town of Dell know today the water reaching its peek. Just barely protected by a freshly built dike but some businesses on the wrong side of the barrier are scrambling. Yesterday morning we had -- I don't know -- 40 or 50 people here that were just sandbagging. You can see we're on the wrong side of the clay levy. Reporter: It's themallest town facing the impact. The Minnesota river is choked with logs and getting higher. That little sack over there, if you go down about four to five feet there's a bench down there. Reporter: This is actually field where the state's high school baseball all-stars were supposed to play this weekend. That game had to be moved. It's been an unusually violent weekend of weather. Severe thunderstorms blew through Chicago bringing trees down on homes and wiping out power lines. Causing hundreds of delays at the airport. Back in Minnesota where they're living through the wettest half of the year on the record they're coping with a series of mudslides. A number of them keeping us from reaching the small town of Henderson. It's a forecast of more rain that has them concerned. This land of 10,000 Lakes can't take much more. You can get a sense of the flooding along the Minnesota river here. Look at what should be some stairs going down to the river bank that's been covered in water. And then this. And a huge cluster of trees wearing down the underside of the bridge. They are keeping their fingers crossed that the rain to come doesn't make things any worse. David. Thank you. More rain on the way. Let's bring in meteorologist Jeff smith who has been tracking this. Jeff, you were telling me the next 24 hours are going to be difficult here. We're going to have thunderstorms moving over the same locations over and over again dumping two to three inches of additional rain fall and access extending from eastern Nebraska up through parts of Iowa. Not too far from Minneapolis Saint Paul. In addition to river flooding. Keep in mind, Minneapolis has over twice the Normal amount of rain fall. We're also tracking severe weather as well. Big thunderstorms developing from the high plains of Colorado through Kansas. Northern Missouri. And maybe even an isolated tornado or two. We'll be watching.

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{"id":24256853,"title":"Minnesota Rivers Rising as Forecast Calls for More Drenching Rain","duration":"3:04","description":"Rivers are spilling over their banks as new flash flood fears arise.","url":"/WNT/video/minnesota-rivers-rising-forecast-calls-drenching-rain-24256853","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}