Monster Storm Hits as Workweek Begins

Thousands of flights already delayed as winter storm threatens to create morning madness.
3:00 | 03/02/14

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Transcript for Monster Storm Hits as Workweek Begins
Will this winter ever end? The massive system quickly trackly across the country from Texas now all the way up to new England. On the roads already, a challenge, the cleanup this Sunday after a massive and deadly pileup in Denver. The system then barreling through Oklahoma. So hard to tell when that black ice settles in. At the Syracuse airport tonight, just look, the crews already hard at work de-icing planes. And freezing rain pelting the windows at dfw airport in Dallas where their emergency operations center is up and running tonight. 1800 flights canceled today alone where the system hits. When you wake up in just a moment here, but first the conditions already and ABC's Alex Perez leading us off. Reporter: Good evening, David. The storm dumped a treacherous mix of snow and ice in Bloomington and tonight across the path of the storm there are concerns heavy io mother nature's fury taking no breaks this weekend. In Oklahoma City, icy conditions causing this 40-car pileup. This car slammed into me while I was trying to eat my food in the car. Reporter: This was the sight in Denver Saturday after snow and ice caused a pileup involving more than 100 cars killing 1 person. All the cars started to go like we had black ice or something, and before you know it, everyone is sort of in the 80s yesterday. Today struggling to get out O the big concern, Daus I an ice storm here just two weeks ago paralyzed the city. It's the same system that brought th day- rids Nia and watch the at this Santa Barbara dockside Time to go. What we're seeing here is what I call the perfect storm. You got high tides, huge surf and a lot of rain. Reporter: Three boats breaking loose in that choppy surf. One of them ending up right on the shore. Back east and N tngtmhoses ocing planes popping up across the pt the storm trekos 2 states, 100 million people getting rt T Monday morning mute another dangerous round OSN and ice, and the other big concern here in the midwests that this snow and sleet will turn into ashee ice ov crews will be workinotop Alex Perez on the storm for us again tonight. Alex, thank you. I want to bring in meteorologist Mike wankham, Boston's news station, and, Mike, first of all, the track, where is it right now and where is it headed. Right now it's into snow, and that is going to be the G pr accumulations are going to be right in the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. 3 cou incnow those areas, perhaps such a line of ice allhe Oklahoma through parts of Arkansas and Kentucky. We're going to be seeing very slippery conditions into those areas and behind it here comes while here in Boston we mis out on the snow, we're not going to miss out on the cold. The cold air will plunge all the way to the south. 20 to 30 degrees colder than today. Parts of Texas 60 degrees colder than what it was thierno So bundle up and epare and build in extra time fo N T meantime, out west look at this. Estncme ne a couple of days ago powerful to

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{"id":22744546,"title":"Monster Storm Hits as Workweek Begins","duration":"3:00","description":"Thousands of flights already delayed as winter storm threatens to create morning madness.","url":"/WNT/video/monster-storm-hits-workweek-begins-22744546","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}