Mudslide and flooding in California causing massive evacuations

One home was destroyed and at least 50 others were evacuated after a mudslide in a neighborhood in Sausalito, California, Thursday morning.
3:11 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Mudslide and flooding in California causing massive evacuations
the major storms and the unfolding emergency at this hour. Homes actually sliding right off their foundations. In the bay, stris, a home with a woman inside, you can hear her screaming for help as it slides down a hillside. In southern California tonight, an emergency rescue for a driver escaping to the top of his car. So many S like this one. At this hour, 20 states under weather alerts, from California to Kentucky, and this system will head all the way east by the weekend. ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman on the rescues tonight, including that woman who was screaming for help. Reporter: Tonight, an all-out atmospheric assault in the west. You can see there is widespread destruction in that area. A road is missing. Reporter: North of San Francisco, a landslide amid six inches of rain and 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts ripping a sausalito home from its foundation. Help me! Susan, I'm here. Reporter: Deputies racing to find a woman pinned by debris in her home. I can see your hand! We're trying to get to you. Reporter: Susan Gordon miraculously expected to be okay. Our will Carr is there. You can see this home toppled on its side. Behind it, a ton of debris. And you can still hear all of that mud flowing down from the hillside. This entire area is evacuated. The big concern now, gas leaks and downed power lines. Reporter: In this San Jose neighborhood, fears of flooding. Police going door-to-door to evacuate residents. While in Oakland, a big rig pushing that car out of the water. And in southern California, flash flooding gouging out a chunk of this road near palm Springs. The flooding also ripping apart this Riverside county home. Mandatory must go now evacuations in the area where the holy fire burned last summer. And multiple high water rescues, three people saved here, after their vehicle got trapped west of Palm Springs. Tragically, in Corona, California, one of nine people rescued from flood waters there did not survive. Now, this is the L.A. River, David. Normally, just a trickle, not anymore. We mentioned those high water rescues. 30 of them just today in Riverside county alone. And those mandatory evacuation orders, thousands of people effected by them, take lake elsinore, just south of where we are, it's under its sixth mandatory evacuation in just the past couple of months. And officials there concerned over evacuation fatigue with only about 25% of the people there actually leaving. David? Wow, the L.A. River so often bone dry, raging there behind you. Matt, thank you. Let's get to rob Marciano, tracking this, as it moves across the country. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. Such a powerful storm, with widespread amounts of half a foot of rain. And we had record amounts of water in the atmosphere measured above San Diego. Look at this atmospheric river, driving inland. Now the deserts are getting involved. The next storm will be colder. That will drop and that will bring an avalanche threat. It does weaken into the midsection, but significant snow tomorrow, Kansas City and parts of the Ohio valley. Could seal four or five inches, and that does push to the east this weekend. David? Rob, thank you. Next tonight, to the security breach at a Navy base

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"One home was destroyed and at least 50 others were evacuated after a mudslide in a neighborhood in Sausalito, California, Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61086444","title":"Mudslide and flooding in California causing massive evacuations","url":"/WNT/video/mudslide-flooding-california-causing-massive-evacuations-61086444"}