Nanny Nightmare: Live-In Nanny Accused of Squatting

The Brocomonte family says fired live-in nanny Diane Stretton refused to leave their home.
1:47 | 06/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nanny Nightmare: Live-In Nanny Accused of Squatting
And now to the bizarre saga of a live-in nanny who wouldn't help and wouldn't leave. Tonight, the new twist in the story, where the nanny has just been spotted, and that family still feeling trapped in their home, because it turns out the law is on the nanny's side. ABC's Ryan Owens with the update tonight. We just want to hear what you have to say. Reporter: It has come down to this. A 64-year-old nanny sleeping in her car, shielding herself from TV cameras. All while the family she once lived with anxiously waits to see if she will return to their upland, California, house, where her belongings remain behind this door. If I want to see this room, you won't let me inside? We can't let you inside. This is now, by court, by law, this is the her domain. Reporter: The Bron family says they feel like prisoners in their own home. They fired their nanny Diane stretton three weeks ago, but stretton refuses to go. In this situation, you feel so helpless. You feel victimized. They hired her back in March after she answered this craigslist ad, seeking a nanny to care for three kids in exchange for room and board. The family says she was great at first, but then complained of health problems and simply locked herself in her room all day. So now, the family has put a bike lock on the refrigerator. I do it tight so she can't stick her hand in there and try to pull things off. Reporter: And taken the nanny to court to evict her. But stretton says she's a tenant and has all the rights that come with it. Stretton has not commented and just watch what happened when KCBS was rolling on Wednesday night as the father served her with court papers. Legal experts say the eviction process could take weeks, maybe months. Ryan Owens, ABC news, upland, California.

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{"id":24351171,"title":"Nanny Nightmare: Live-In Nanny Accused of Squatting","duration":"1:47","description":"The Brocomonte family says fired live-in nanny Diane Stretton refused to leave their home.","url":"/WNT/video/nanny-nightmare-live-nanny-accused-squatting-24351171","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}