National Guard Rushing to Rescue People Trapped by Floods in Colorado

Streets turning into rivers, water surrounding entire towns and people trying to get out.
2:50 | 09/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Guard Rushing to Rescue People Trapped by Floods in Colorado
Surrounding entire towns tonight, in fact, look at this. Neighbors wading through was waist-high water. The national guard, charging to the rescue at this hour. Family members, so many of them, this mother and daughter, comforting one another. And just listen to this raging river. You could see it there, eating away at the roadway, surrounding a home. And this scene being repeated across colorado. And tonight, the story behind the driver caught in the car on the right-hand corner of your screen. His rescue, playing out on television. The only air he could breathe, from an air pocket inside his car. And tonight, there are dozens of people unaccounted for and the flood warnings and watches remain in effect. Abc meteorologist ginger zee, right there tonight in the flood zone for us. Ginger? Reporter: David, check this out. This is, or was, a street. And I want to give you a wider perspective so you can see what's happening now. It is now a raging river, coming right through this neighborhood, in boulder. Just one of the communities in colorado, terrorized by these floods. Rescued, but raw. We lost our home. Reporter: Northern colorado, struggling tonight. Whole towns cut off by the rushing waters. Families stranded. The national guard evacuating more than 300 people from their homes. In estes park, those who were trapped zip lined to safety. Barely skimming the deadly waters. Flash flooding consuming neighborhoods whole. What you're about to see is tote it will crazy. Reporter: Rivers where there should be lawns, streets, parks. Look at this video, shot from inside a fire truck in longmont. The water up and over the windshield. The waters gnawing away at highways. More than a year's worth of rain falling in less than three days. That's boulder creek, raging at 120 times its normal rate. In big thompson canyon, this man bravely facing the rushing water, opening the flood gate. For some, escape near impossible, as water and mud surged into homes. This man rescued from his own bedroom. We heard a big roar and i think that's probably when it came down. Buried his house. Filled his bedroom full of mud. Reporter: Others, not as lucky. At least four dead and 80 unaccounted for. Certainly still dangerous and not over. Look at right behind me. That's a backyard. The waters rolling through, and there's more rain on the way. Let me show you the flood watches and warnings. And the forecast including one to two inches for just north of denver and two-plus in that red area in new mexico.

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{"id":20254312,"title":"National Guard Rushing to Rescue People Trapped by Floods in Colorado","duration":"2:50","description":"Streets turning into rivers, water surrounding entire towns and people trying to get out.","url":"/WNT/video/national-guard-rushing-rescue-people-trapped-floods-colorado-20254312","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}