NICU Babies' Amazing Story of Surviving During Hurricane Sandy

Doctors and nurses carried tiny babies down flights of stairs, in darkness to help them survive.
3:00 | 10/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NICU Babies' Amazing Story of Surviving During Hurricane Sandy
Finally tonight of all the images from hurricane sandy fewer more memorable than the rescue of newborns in the darkness. NBC's David Muir was right there one year ago and he's back -- those babies tonight. We will never forget that -- when we arrived one year ago. All we could see was the outline of the hospital against a darkened sky -- flashlight at the what -- the possible -- the power out the emergency backup generators. Failed to you can see the long -- of ambulances sort of circling the block here but attorneys going -- and soon what would emerge as one heroic tale. More than two dozen newborn babies carried by the nurses don't countless flights of stairs in the dark. Every baby survived. It's one year later this difference or he's off I don't these -- -- -- -- The iPhone denotes stolen from my hand what has taken over the area office don't hurry this William Emma and Cole just some -- the faces. Say one year ago. Don't step will never forget. I always told me that she thinks she's the -- and it was it was going to power -- out the power goes out came in with flashlights and glow sticks and said. Here this is this is how we're gonna do this earth. With glow sticks yet. My. -- who freeze mob had just given birth just hours before standing -- how did you get out. I -- wouldn't you like. Complaints in the dark and couldn't tell you you give birth and then walked down thirteen flights of stairs a little William with just three weeks old when sandy barreled in. He kept in the hospital after open heart -- -- get -- running for several blocks away. We ran up fifteen flights of stairs and got a tough and it was pitch black. And so at that moment to turn around and and two runs smack into him was. Born to be here later we -- -- little William wander off to during our interview if -- -- -- -- monitor and even big fan of he was waving at me through the monitor set up on the floor. Yeah. And baby Emma less than two pounds with sandy hit she was in an incubator at -- questioned why they cannot and guy you knew she was in an incubator -- -- -- -- -- breeding facility I'm can get an Allen Watson. A man and then manually and Iran and they were pumping out an action -- -- the amount. The country saw those images to -- is pumping air with their own hands. And baby Cole who we met a year ago just a few hours old mother remembers -- get here the holing up the -- As being called to question -- They all sat down with us to -- the nurses the doctors who guided them down that stairwell -- nurse one -- -- someone saying stat. Step. Sat and none of us could look down at the stairs we are looking at monitors are looking at the baby new meaning to special delivering yes no role. You never forget never forget -- and so many parents gratefully and so is little William putting his hands together for the team to save the mall. And they look great thanks Dana for that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Doctors and nurses carried tiny babies down flights of stairs, in darkness to help them survive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20721557","title":"NICU Babies' Amazing Story of Surviving During Hurricane Sandy","url":"/WNT/video/nicu-babies-amazing-story-surviving-hurricane-sandy-20721557"}