Nor’easter creates treacherous conditions for millions heading home

New York state troopers responded to more than 700 crashes by midday.
3:31 | 12/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nor’easter creates treacherous conditions for millions heading home
And we know for millions tonight, the trip home was a real nightmare. The major winter storm slamming the east in the last 24 hours. After moving across the country and snow a state of emergency in parts of New York state tonight, more than 700 accidents reported, and that was just by midday. One person killed, two others in critical condition. This morning, a car losing control north of Albany, hitting a pole, knocking down power lines. In the last 24 hours, massive delays at the airports. Easily thousands of flights canceled and delayed by all of this. And investigators on the scene today of that plane crash that killed several members of the same family in South Dakota over the weekend. It was all part of the same system that combined with this nor'easter. ABC's Stephanie Ramos leading us off from Albany. Reporter: Tonight, that powerful nor'easter making the trip home treacherous for We've got two feet of snow here along and north of I-90 and now a band has been curling into the tri-state area. Reporter: Snowfall rates of two inches an hour causing whiteout condition near Albany overnight. Hundreds of crashes in New York by midday. The roads are dangerous there's a lot of work to do. Reporter: Plow driver Mike Chaires telling us people need to slow down. Lack of speed reduction, I think, that's the main -- the main cause of a lot of accidents. Reporter: Tragically, one person killed in this crash outside Rochester, two others in critical condition. Outside Boston, this tractor trailer going off the side of the Massachusetts turnpike, blocking multiple lanes. In Worcester county, drivers struggling for traction, as residents dig out their cars, buried under nearly a foot of snow already. Like I think it's going to be a really bad winter. Reporter: Now bracing for up to a half foot more. The storm snowing air travel, too. In Buffalo, this delta flight sliding off the taxiway Sunday, thankfully, no one was hurt. More than 13,000 flights delayed, more than 1,700 cancelled since Sunday. I'm getting to Atlanta airport, but my flight was delayed and cancelled from last night and then delayed again this morning. Reporter: In Brule county, South Dakota, the NTSB investigating what caused a plane to crash shortly after takeoff Saturday, killing nine members of the same extended family. A winter storm warning in effect at the time. David, here in Albany, we still have a few more hours of snow to go. Some areas could see more than two feet of snow by the time this all ends around midnight. With temperatures dipping into the 20s, you can expect icy roads tonight and in the morning, too. David? Drive safely out there. Next 24 hours as it continues. Stephanie, thank you. Let's get to rob Marciano, tracking this right into the hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. You're right. One more day of this epic storm that has gone coast to coast. Now it's a coastal low that's developing into a nor'easter. Check it out on the radar scope. It is all snow and it's coming down heavily. We have winter storm warnings that remain posted all the way down to Tennessee, into Maine until at least 7:00 A.M. A lot of these go into the afternoon, with three to six inches on stop of what you've so, we time it out. Heavier snow across parts of new York. I-95, you'll see accumulations. Tomorrow morning, 7:00 A.M., still snowing heavily in Boston. They have canceled schools there for the first time this winter. The snow curls around for eastern Massachusetts and Maine into the afternoon. Not expected to end until tomorrow night. David? Rob Marciano with us on a Monday night. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"New York state troopers responded to more than 700 crashes by midday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67448958","title":"Nor’easter creates treacherous conditions for millions heading home","url":"/WNT/video/noreaster-creates-treacherous-conditions-millions-heading-home-67448958"}