Release of Americans in North Korea a Cloak-and-Dagger Tale

Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller are free because of a last minute secret trip by James Clapper.
2:19 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for Release of Americans in North Korea a Cloak-and-Dagger Tale
families tonight after an ordeal in a prison in North Korea. They were set free at America's top spy master made a trip to the country. This is a cloak and dagger tail. And bob woodruff has new details. Reporter: Tonight, the men are back on soil. Kenneth Bae who has been sentenced for 15 years of hard labor, home today. Along with Matthew Todd miller, held captive after entering north Korea illegally in April. North Korea says he asked for asylum there. They arrived on a military plane overnight. It's been an amazing two years. I grew a lot. Lost a lot of weight. Reporter: Both released because of a secretive trip by director of national intelligence James clapper. Sources tell ABC news that the north Koreans requested a visit from a top official. He was carrying a message from president Obama. U.s. Officials say it was not an apology or negotiation. And he did not meet with Kim jong-un, the mysterious leader This is what we call a charm offensive, where they're saying, we're really not that bad and we can show you we can make life easier for everybody. Reporter: Just last month, the other American held there also freed. Jeffrey Fowle, caught by officials leaving a bible in a bathroom. Packed me in a black vw sedan. Two big guys on either side of my. Reporter: How did they treat you physically? Physically, I was not abused at all. I had three meals a day. Reporter: The Bae family says they can't wait for spending the holidays together. We are just happy to have him home. And bob is here. You have been to North Korea five times, really extraordinary. What is your sense of why the north Koreans are doing this? I don't think we have any idea. It's a mysterious country. We don't know what they are thinking in their minds. And when they speak to the United States officials, they don't know either. One thing they are trying to make sense, they are trying to get the sanctions lifted so the economy can improve. This is certainly going to help that chance for them. Bob woodruff, thank you. And from Virginia tonight, a fatal encounter raising

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller are free because of a last minute secret trip by James Clapper.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26796230","title":"Release of Americans in North Korea a Cloak-and-Dagger Tale","url":"/WNT/video/north-korea-kenneth-bae-matthew-todd-miller-released-26796230"}