North Korea's latest missile launch a success

Some are worried North Korea may be getting closer to its goal of reaching US territory.
1:58 | 05/14/17

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Transcript for North Korea's latest missile launch a success
New details tonight about North Korea's latest rocket launch. US officials say it was this missile seen on parade that they fired off today the missile had failed on three earlier test but this time. The launch was a success here's ABC's quarter Revere. That launch raising troubling questions about the increasing sophistication of North Korea's missile program this. First time we've seen any military missile. Go this far but we can be sure that did the north Koreans are trying to make this missile nuclear capable. The medium range ballistic missile launched early Sunday reaching an unusually high altitude. Covering 430 miles over thirty minutes before coming down into the sea between North Korea and Japan. A few hundred miles from Russia because these missiles are getting. More and more capable shooting up towards Russia allowed them to test the maximum range of this particular missile. In a statement the White House called North Korea a flagrant menace and said the president cannot imagine that Russia is pleased. But Russia's defense ministry saying the test pose no danger due to that country's early warning system. This was the seventh missile tests since president trump took office the previous three tests of this type of missile failed. Leading some to suggest that the US had hacked to this tests. There's a very strong of belief that the Americans through cyber methods. Have been successful on several occasions in interrupting. These sort of tests and making them fail but. On the fourth try it worked for the north Koreans the first successful launch of its kind BK and seventeen. In response of the drug administration is calling for tougher sanctions and pressed to explain its overall strategy. Find out what had. Soon find out what we're gonna do is continue to tighten the screws he feels that he absolutely feels at. This week in New York the UN Security Council will hold urgent consultations to discuss next steps to take on North Korea tougher sanctions are already on the table.

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{"id":47409426,"title":"North Korea's latest missile launch a success","duration":"1:58","description":"Some are worried North Korea may be getting closer to its goal of reaching US territory.","url":"/WNT/video/north-koreas-latest-missile-launch-success-47409426","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}