UN Nuclear Chief in Running for Interim Prime Minister of Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood supporters say violence would be "obvious response" to appointment.
2:17 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UN Nuclear Chief in Running for Interim Prime Minister of Egypt
And overseas to the major story there tonight, the growing chaos in egypt. President obama and a new message, the u.S. Is not taking sides in the conflict following the removal of the country's democratically elected president. It comes as they carry the coff coffins of the latest who died in clashes with the president's supporters. Alex marquardt reporting on the crisis in egypt. Reporter: Good evening, supporters of ousted president morsi vented their anger as they mourn for fellow supporter gunned down by the army. This as one of morsi's main rivals is expected to be named prime minister, a move that could divide this country even further. Sadness and rage as thousands gathered for the funeral of four morsi supporters killed on this spot. Outrage at the soldiers they accuse of killing the men in the coffins, parading in front of the soldiers to remind them what they've done. At least 35 egyptians were killed yesterday in the worst violence since democratically elected morsi was ousted by the military. His removal came after millions took to the streets against him accusing his party, the muslim brotherhood, of trying to control the country. Tonight one of the brotherhood's biggest foes, former u.N. Nuclear chief mohamed elbaradei was reported to be in the running for interim prime minister. It would be salt in the wound of morsi's supporters who are wondering what their vote means at all. Why in the new system if my vote not respected? Reporter: The fear is that disenchanted islamists will radicalize and turn to violence like fellow egyptian the head of al qaeda. "I'm not calling for this," a top muslim brotherhood official told us, "but violence would be an obvious response." Opponents of morsi's are calling for mass rallies tomorrow in streets and squares across egypt. They say they want to finalize what they're calling this week's great victory, raising the tension in an already deeply polarized egypt.

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{"id":19597116,"title":"UN Nuclear Chief in Running for Interim Prime Minister of Egypt","duration":"2:17","description":"Muslim Brotherhood supporters say violence would be \"obvious response\" to appointment. ","url":"/WNT/video/nuclear-chief-running-interim-prime-minister-egypt-19597116","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}