Number of reported ransomware attacks continues to grow

Law enforcement agencies say worst may come Monday as many networks are switched back on.
2:14 | 05/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Number of reported ransomware attacks continues to grow
New victims coming forward after the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded hackers infecting computers. In more than 150 countries demanding ransom to free them back up. But experts warn a second hit could be coming tomorrow morning when people get back to work here's ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies tracking this so called wanna cry virus say the number of attacks tonight being reported continues to grow the latest numbers all over 200000. Victims and a 150 countries with the head of the joint European law enforcement agency you're Opel telling ABC news the worst may be yet to come with the ransom where tomorrow morning and might be sitting on many computers in companies over the weekend when they switched on again Monday morning. We might see the infection rates going back up. The attacks spread at a speed never seen before across six continents with a an ominous message suddenly showing up on the targeted computers it was only contained. When this computer security programmer in Indiana area house discovered they're might be a kill switch. It would not take for ransom all the files on that computer. And I also not intend to spread itself. Hoss is information was then used by a 22 year old programmer in Great Britain. Who talked by phone with ABC news fearful to show his face. I was panicking looking through the carried. And Marie and I thought she maybe had stopped. The biggest target in the US was the giant FedEx shipping service elsewhere around the world factories railroads hospitals even police departments are all. Targets were told pay between 30600. Dollars in ransom to free their essentially kidnapped computers or have their files he raced permanently. So far the number of targets to pay up is remarkably low according to you're opposed director. I think you know 2030000. Worth of Dulles only. I would never recommend that you pay. Around some does it do with a bunch of crooks who have another they don't do that promise to do and erect. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the world are not trying to follow the money. Hope we will leave them to the people responsible for this massive attack before they can modify their program and unleash a second way.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Law enforcement agencies say worst may come Monday as many networks are switched back on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"47409227","title":"Number of reported ransomware attacks continues to grow","url":"/WNT/video/number-reported-ransomware-attacks-continues-grow-47409227"}