Obama Administration Releases Benghazi Emails

White House releases emails detailing back-and-forth conversation over the Benghazi attack.
2:22 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Administration Releases Benghazi Emails
ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has the other inflamed issue for the White House Ben Ghazi. Late today the White House finally released documents more than 100 pages of secret emails written in the wake of the attack. After months of demands for Republicans in congress. The White House has released emails related to what the administration said. In the days after the terrorist attack and Ben Ghazi the emails -- ABC news has exclusive report that the so called talking points on the attack underwent twelve revisions. And it's substantial changes were made after the State Department expressed concerns. The -- deleted references to the al-Qaeda affiliate arts are all -- -- and a previous CIA warnings about terror threats -- Ben Ghazi. State Department spokesperson Victoria new and expressed concerns about including those references in the talking points. In one email previously reported by ABC news new -- wanted the warnings removed because they quote. Could be abused by members of congress to beat the state department for not paying attention to agency warnings so why do we want to feed that either concerned after some changes were made new Lindh was not satisfied. These don't resolve all -- issues or those of my building leadership nu -- wrote her building the State Department. Then led by Hillary Clinton. The final -- however were made by hand according to a senior administration official by deputy CIA director Mike Burrell who shared new -- concerns. All twelve versions of the talking points included in the emails as previously reported by ABC news also say that. It -- the protest the attacks in Ben Ghazi began quote spontaneously. Inspired by the protests in Cairo in other -- Diane. All that talk of protests began with the CIA that didn't change in this what changed was the context taking out all references to the terror threat in -- -- Well John you're there at the White House today in and day and I just wondered with this incoming fire from critics on so many different fronts. How serious do they think offices. Well it's a serious distraction at the very least -- -- of the president's got an agenda for his second term that he is outlined. It includes immigration reform gun control. The budget and nobody is talking of -- that right now they're trying to get through all this thing get back to what the president actually wants to be talking about. His agenda for the United States -- -- right thanks so much Jonathan Karl.

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{"id":19188699,"title":"Obama Administration Releases Benghazi Emails","duration":"2:22","description":"White House releases emails detailing back-and-forth conversation over the Benghazi attack.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-administration-releases-benghazi-emails-19188699","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}