Obamacare's First Day

Affordable Care Act takes effect and millions of uninsured Americans can now get health insurance.
3:13 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obamacare's First Day
Even as some members of congress shut down the government, their motivating reason, obama care came online and took effect. 2.8 million americans and counting have checked the government website for their options. There are reports of some technical glitches, some delays, but we wondered how hard was it to get answers about future coverage. Abc's paula faris spent the day checking with some americans doing just that today. Reporter: Remember max from last night? He was dropped from his health insurance because of his pre-existing condition. He was excited to sign up today but couldn't get online because the website kept crashing, saying for many others inundating the government's health care website. Got a message that said health care marketplace is busy, please wait. I was not successful. There seems to be a glitch. Reporter: This family managed to get through. Salon owners of california say they've been living in fear. Right now we don't have insurance and we're pretty much confused and squared. Reporter: A pre-existing condition for one of their girls made insurance unaffordable. It's way too much right now. Reporter: The big question, how affordable are the plans? Our health care expert, michelle katz puts them to the test with our salon owner, vanessa. Let's go to shop and compare tool and press let's get started. Reporter: Taking us step by step through the site, type in your zip code, age, dependents and income and you get instant plans. All your plans are listed here. Reporter: Depending on the level of coverage you want. We have the bronze, the silver, the gold and the platt yum. Reporter: When vanessa previously shopped around for her family of four, she was quoted $2,000 a month. Today she found a plan for just $427. How is that process? It was really easy actually. Reporter: Sounds easy but michelle says there is a catch. If you look at the fine line over here it says at least one visit year. Reporter: The website does not list many details and with many of these plans premiums are low but deductibles are high. These are questions you need to -- you're not going to find out on the website. Reporter: We tried contacting their california state run website this morning and we're still waiting. Before you sign up, here are the four questions you should ask any potential provider. What is the maximum I'll pay per year, what doctors and hospitals are in the plan, how many visits are included each year, and are my prescriptions covered. For vanessa and her family the choice is easy. I'm going to sign up. And you feel comfortable with that decision? Yes, I do. Reporter: Now, if you do not have health insurance, you have 181 days or until march 31st to enroll before the government fines you. However, if you want your COVERAGE TO KICK IN JANUARY 1st, You have to purchase a plan by DECEMBER 15th. Diane, I just spoke with the white house and they're, quote, pleased with the amount of traffic on that website. Thank you, paula. Next now we turn to a story

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{"id":20439111,"title":"Obamacare's First Day","duration":"3:13","description":"Affordable Care Act takes effect and millions of uninsured Americans can now get health insurance.","url":"/WNT/video/obamacares-day-20439111","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}