Oprah Buys 10% Stake in Weight Watchers

Media mogul's latest move sent Weight Watchers stock soaring up 105 percent in one day.
1:20 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for Oprah Buys 10% Stake in Weight Watchers
his girlfriend. He'll spend five years under house arrest in his uncle's home. And now Oprah and weight watchers. Oprah making $70 million in one day and sending weight watcher's stock soaring up 105% today alone. Here's Mara schiavocampo tonight. Reporter: Tonight, one of the biggest names in weight loss. Reporter: Gaining a powerful new partner. Weight watchers announcing Oprah Winfrey has bought ten percent of the company for 43-point-two million dollars, coming on as a "Board member and adviser", "Owner", and celebrity face. The media mogul tweeting, "I believe in the @weightwatchers program so much I decided to invest..." That investment sending the slumping stock soaring. Oprah herself making approximately $70 million today. The partnership reflects weight watchers efforts, "To broaden the company's mission to prioritize overall health and wellness." Winfrey, who has famously struggled with her weight over the years. It is amazing to me that I can't lift it, but I used to carry it around every day. Reporter: Is a marketing force. The Oprah effect seen with books, her favorite things, and now, on the stock market. Winfrey will also join weight watchers as a member, sharing her own personal experiences with the program. David? Mara, thank you.

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{"id":34586069,"title":"Oprah Buys 10% Stake in Weight Watchers","duration":"1:20","description":"Media mogul's latest move sent Weight Watchers stock soaring up 105 percent in one day.","url":"/WNT/video/oprah-buys-10-stake-weight-watchers-34586069","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}