Oscar Confidential: '12 Years A Slave'

Behind the scenes with the director of the powerful film that's been nominated for 9 academy awards.
3:00 | 01/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Confidential: '12 Years A Slave'
The powerful film that's generating a lot of Oscar talk nominated for not Academy Awards including best film. And best director twelve years a slave. Tonight here behind the scenes with the director who would make history if he wins ABC's Chris Conley now at his -- Oscar confidential. Just five months since it was first shown to an audience twelve years -- slave. Directed by Steve McQueen and starring -- -- tell -- -- four -- is already being called a defining film about slavery. A best picture nominee about a subject this gracefully overlook the -- much of Hollywood history. -- was about a three man. Three African American who gets to them into into slavery -- people didn't know. That it will free but men and women getting involved. You think he does not know that you -- more -- you suggests. Much of twelve years -- slaves narrative and dialogue come directly from the memoir of Solomon -- and northern musician. Cruelly dispatched to a series of southern slave owners beginning in 1841. From the start McQueen knew who he wanted to play Solomon Northup. But to a -- GO four now 36. Initially resisted the queens and treaties when they offered. You this you said no. Yeah -- Sitka moment you know I've never seen a film from inside this experiments from inside the slave experience in the and I felt the responsibility of and I needed to kind of have. A kind of moment to work out just how to get there speak with Monica. Okay. His antagonist is. Crazy from the heat plantation owner played by Michael -- -- A broader battle climaxes with the fate of the young slave patsy role for which McQueen considered. Hundreds of actor we're -- newcomer. -- Oscar nominee for supporting actress who -- young ago. Well then got. If this movie -- of getting taught in schools -- generations of schoolchildren watched us -- ought to make you feel. The happy you know he's can be useful and concerns about his or Drudge. Who would -- and -- -- death. And I will be useful you know peninsula one of the earthquake and Chris -- ABC news Los Angeles. Perhaps history Maine Sunday march 2 Oscar right here NC.

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{"id":21886280,"title":"Oscar Confidential: '12 Years A Slave'","duration":"3:00","description":"Behind the scenes with the director of the powerful film that's been nominated for 9 academy awards.","url":"/WNT/video/oscar-confidential-12-years-slave-21886280","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}