Panda-Monium Sweeps the Country With Twin Cub Birth

First time in US in 26 years twin panda cubs born, survive first weeks of life.
1:41 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Panda-Monium Sweeps the Country With Twin Cub Birth
New baby panda in Washington -- -- twin pandas born in Atlanta. It's been a baby boom for American zoos and ABC's back up and -- an exclusive look tonight inside the Atlanta nursery. Where they're keeping watch and even Matt himself -- to be extra careful around those precious twins. Could it possibly -- had a baby -- Watches panda may John gives birth to a he'll come about the size and shape of -- stick of butter. Friday at the Smithsonian's national zoo in Washington DC. In six weeks or so -- that -- will be swarming squawking like these twin closed. -- Spending cuts are constantly -- Brotherly love -- of that but also dangerously fragile. Mary initially did they only panda -- ever survive -- -- states. Ever ever. Cool for the -- -- -- to Atlanta keeping them alive. -- -- full time mission -- gained 36 point five grams so just now announced requiring twelve staff in a bind secure environment. Which requires lots of blush again have you Wear special spouts and shower and to watch our any parents yep -- -- was told. Fruity scrubs and instead it's -- are must. In the wild panda twins really survive past infancy alone until the bits here. Carefully choreographed comes swaps to each one gets defeat with -- -- the. We still -- very hot and and we still -- -- -- But every -- there's a little more hope and a lot more acute means that Gutman ABC news Atlanta.

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{"id":20058255,"title":"Panda-Monium Sweeps the Country With Twin Cub Birth","duration":"1:41","description":"First time in US in 26 years twin panda cubs born, survive first weeks of life.","url":"/WNT/video/panda-monium-sweeps-country-twin-cub-birth-20058255","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}