4 People Charged With Manslaughter in Deadly NYC Gas Explosion

Prosecutors say contractors illegally jerry-rigged the gas lines of the building.
1:43 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for 4 People Charged With Manslaughter in Deadly NYC Gas Explosion
Out to a case we've been reporting on right here a massive and deadly gas explosion that brought down three buildings here in New York City. It caused a seven alarm fire buildings were reduced to rubble two people were killed. Well tonight four people are now charged with manslaughter and prosecutors say it was all because of greed ABC's Ron Claiborn from the scene tonight. It began with a fiery explosion flames engulfing three apartment buildings and it just a few hours all of it gone. He lives lost thousands displaced. Today the building's owner her son into contractors were arrested and charged with manslaughter. Accused of tampering with gas lines in their rush to rent apartments for up to 6000 dollars a month. When Greek gods of decisions and respect for human life doesn't. This is the result. Nearly one year later the two people who died are still remembered here at the site. Prosecutors say the contractors illegally Jerry rigged the gas lines twice first with a dangerous flexible hoses shown in this photo. To supply gas to the apartments above. And later allegedly tapping into the gas lines of the neighboring building and hiding it all from inspectors they say the day of the deadly fire. The owner's son and the lead contractor went to investigate the odor of gas in the basement. They smelled the gas and then they sprinted out of the bill. Without alerting people in the restaurant minutes later the gas ignited. And prosecutors say at the building which had been here. Had already failed one inspection and the owners wanted to get those directors and as soon as possible and not wait for the next inspection. David those four suspects accused of manslaughter they pleaded not guilty today. Ron Claiborn live right here in New York tonight Ron thank you.

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{"id":36878692,"title":"4 People Charged With Manslaughter in Deadly NYC Gas Explosion","duration":"1:43","description":"Prosecutors say contractors illegally jerry-rigged the gas lines of the building.","url":"/WNT/video/people-charged-manslaughter-deadly-nyc-gas-explosion-36878692","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}