Two people dead as devastating flooding overwhelms the Midwest

The National Guard has used helicopters to rescue more than 100 people.
2:22 | 03/17/19

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Transcript for Two people dead as devastating flooding overwhelms the Midwest
Next tonight to the historic flood emergency played out in the heartland. At least two people are dead in the National Guard and state police are reporting nearly 300 rescues in Nebraska loan. Roads ripped a way as several rivers rise to record levels including the Missouri. Amid rapid snow melt and ice jams several communities are cut off tonight Sam Champion has more. Tonight two dead one missing and hundreds rescued as historic and devastating flooding continues to overwhelm residents from Nebraska to Wisconsin. The raging rivers intensified by rapid snow melt an ice jams hardest hit. Nebraska outside of Omaha these images reveal water for miles much of Waterloo now cut off to the outside world. DL corn river cresting at a new record beating the old high water mark by more than five feet. Blocking all routes in and out of the town its residents completely trapped. This week in the National Guard using helicopters to rescue more than 100 people some from the roofs of their homes David Perkins just one of those thankful he was pulled to safety. I was petrified. You know I didn't know what was good how fast it was coming up. Authority saying bridges and roads like this one are unsafe even after the water receipts in situations like that you try to grab the essential things and the pictures and things like that Nebraska's governor characterizing the destruction as unbelievable. Look at this highway cracked in half and this is what's left of the Spencer dam after being destroyed by the roaring water. That breach releasing an eleven foot wall of water devastating three surrounding counties buildings like this cafe in Nile bra are completely wiped out. The flood damage now extending in Iowa these homes in Fremont county underwater as the flooding continues. Water everywhere you look in some cases seem champion joins us live now Sam what's gonna happen with all that water it's a big story the rest of the week as well consulate to everybody where the warnings are tonight and get him ready the worst warning showing a ride around Omaha right now all of the Missouri River down and we'll show you that water that drains south around Saint Joseph we're expecting that go to major flood stage by Tuesday. Now moving to Iowa because a lot of this water will drain into the Mississippi River Mississippi already a flood stage let's go to Saint Louis that's it flood stage it will stay at. At flood stage until the end of the week we don't think the crest will happen until sometime near the end of the week Tom so all of that still stays in place for most of them. A major weather event for so many Americans are right Sam thank you.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The National Guard has used helicopters to rescue more than 100 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61748934","title":"Two people dead as devastating flooding overwhelms the Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/people-dead-devastating-flooding-overwhelms-midwest-61748934"}