People Rescued in the Nick of Time From Dangerous Floods

Thousands in danger of being trapped in turbulent and swollen bodies of water.
2:04 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for People Rescued in the Nick of Time From Dangerous Floods
28 million Americans on alert right now in this is what they're facing tonight streets under water in Palm Beach, Florida. Up the coast in Lynchburg Virginia look at the skies late today and tonight the radar -- storms moving in the forecast in a moment here. But first ABC's Clayton -- -- on the flooding rescues playing out right now. Tonight the threat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Drenching the east. In North Carolina two girls were trapped when this tree fell on their house in Florida a bolt of lightning ignited a two alarm fire that left dozens of people displaced. Big. Out west too much water some Colorado rivers and streams are dangerously above normal. In Denver a ten year old girl and her parents had to be rescued by firefighters that what it was -- Those turbulent waters also aggravating the moment Kevin -- -- weekend rafting trip goes from adventure tonight. It just takes a breath -- and it. They don't know when your underwater and you don't have a breath anyway it's. That's -- it was who's quite frightening at first everyone made -- to shore but another man who fell out of the nearby -- was killed. And right now in Colorado there are some flood warnings as new thunderstorms moving tonight David. All right -- thank you -- on alert in Denver tonight and elsewhere let's bring in meteorologist Cecily -- from our powerhouse station in Philadelphia WP DI great to have you with us again tonight. And you were saying much of the country under the severe threat tonight. David let's get right to the two main areas of severe weather tonight one is a large area across the nation's heartland all the way from Texas -- parts of Minnesota also the mid Atlantic from North Carolina. Into the Ohio valley. So the threat of tornadoes continues tonight and also these storms have a history of producing damaging winds and large hail and -- system on the move over the next 24 hours yes slowly it's all shifting to the east of tomorrow those violent storms will be moving into the Gulf Coast and -- -- head into Friday. It all expands northeast. And David this atmosphere is loaded with moisture so flash flooding will be a big concern as we head through Friday all right meteorologist Cecily Tynan would essentially think you.

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{"id":24098998,"title":"People Rescued in the Nick of Time From Dangerous Floods","duration":"2:04","description":"Thousands in danger of being trapped in turbulent and swollen bodies of water.","url":"/WNT/video/people-rescued-nick-time-dangerous-floods-24098998","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}