Person of the Week: Folk Crooner Carole King Honored by Obama

Singer-songwriter talks classic hits, her surprising secret for personal fulfillment.
2:58 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Folk Crooner Carole King Honored by Obama
As we -- Carole King has done something no woman has ever done before and which kind of topped it last night. When she and someone you'll recognize showed up at a fund raiser for the Boston bombing. And what better message to send Boston for the song written buyer person of the week you know you've got a friend. Last night in Boston they brought the house down. Yeah. -- -- by Carole king and -- for survivors and heroes. After all she's the daughter of -- Brooklyn firefighter. I battled 21 responders I'd back out he really was going in -- -- should these dangerous situations. And you know. They really the only support they had it was each other. And that's the thing somehow you know Carole King has lived at these songs her share of love and heartbreak. -- -- a fifteen year career that almost didn't happen. When she was a teenager she began writing songs with a lot of collaborators. But for other people to -- her she was petrified to center stage afraid people didn't want to look at someone like her. Until pal James Taylor pushed her into the spotlight -- they like this they let me trip and then just this month. She became the first woman ever to receive. The prestigious White House Gershwin. It's not just that -- loves the music it's that music lives. Every time there's the first woman and something. It's opening the door for -- women to note we can do anything. Okay yeah. And Carole King says they're not just songs their journeys. Like the journey we make together. Forward. How many times has. Have you -- -- you've got a friend. James has a great story he likes to -- I didn't know when I asked Carroll went try to ease this song recorded this song. That I would have to perform it every single night for the -- of my life. It's are doing to do it because it makes people so. I actually have a word. That is the -- -- -- word. That I feel every day of my life and the word is. Gratitude. View America. And so weeks. -- --

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{"id":19301427,"title":"Person of the Week: Folk Crooner Carole King Honored by Obama","duration":"2:58","description":"Singer-songwriter talks classic hits, her surprising secret for personal fulfillment.","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-folk-crooner-carole-king-honored-obama-19301427","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}