New Polls Show Overwhelming Confusion Over Obamacare

As new health care initiatives start, sweeping health care scams roll in.
2:31 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for New Polls Show Overwhelming Confusion Over Obamacare
may be to blame for the blast. Now a major warning tonight about something heading our way affecting every american family. Obama care and make a note. October 1st is the day americans can stand to sign up for insurance in those new exchange. ON JANUARY 1st, THE DEADLINE FOR Getting a health care plan or pay a penalty. But new poles are showing there is a lot of confusion about how all this works. Tonight abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis says watch out for the skams taking advantage at this moment. Reporter: It's one of the most extensive scams in the country. I'll tell you one thing, I've learned an expensive lesson. Reporter: It started when marian kerr received a phone call to her home in hastings, nebraska from someone claiming to be from washington d.C. With important changes to her health care. She said you're between the ages of 55 and 75 and I said no. She said what? Reporter: She mistakenly revealed her name, birthday, social security and bank information thinking she was just confirming what the caller already knew. What was really strange was it needed to be on a recording which needed to be done within three minutes. They're looking to confuse. They're looking to get you to make a quick decision. Reporter: Scam artists taking advantage of the confusion surrounding the new health care law. The scammers see it on the news and know it's a heightened topic of awareness. That's where the scammers take advantage. Reporter: She has this advice. The best thing to do would be to hang up. Reporter: She is right. The very best piece of advice you can follow. You will never get a call about the new health care law unless you specifically request it. You get a call, be weary, hang up. We ask you to spend the day today and tell us the simplest, best, real site to learn about what to do now. Reporter: Yes. There is so much confusion. The kaiser family foundation has the best website. They have an entire section dedicated to this with videos, flow charts and calculators so people know how this impacts their wallet. You can find it at abcnews.Com. That you can trust. Thank you so much. And now after 19 long

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{"id":20286974,"title":"New Polls Show Overwhelming Confusion Over Obamacare","duration":"2:31","description":"As new health care initiatives start, sweeping health care scams roll in.","url":"/WNT/video/polls-show-overwhelming-confusion-obamacare-20286974","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}