Pompeo: Saudi probe into Khashoggi disappearance 'thorough'

A Turkish official said investigators planned to search the Turkish consul general's residence, according to the AP.
3:11 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Pompeo: Saudi probe into Khashoggi disappearance 'thorough'
disappearance of that "Washington post" writer, Jamal khashoggi, missing now for two weeks. President trump late today revealing he has talked with the Saudi crown prince, that he denied involvement, and the president telling the ap that this is another case of guilty until proven innocence. The writer, who lived in Virginia, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey, never coming out. It took 13 days for investigators to get inside. Ened there is a report tonight that investigators have found, quote, certain evidence that he was murdered inside. Khashoggi's disappearance is now a full diplomatic crisis for the United States. Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia, shaking hands with the crown prince. So, where does this go next? ABC's senior foreign correspondent see Yan Pannell on the scene again tonight. Reporter: It looked like sweetness and smiles today as America's top diplomat made small talk with the crown prince about his flight. And I hope you don't have jetlag? In a little while, but so far, so good. Reporter: But the Saudis have been accused of murdering "Washington post" columnist Jamal khashoggi in their consulate in Turkey. Something the royal family repeatedly denied. We are strong and old allies. So, we face our challenges together. In the past, in the day of and tomorrow. Absolutely. Reporter: Secretary of state Mike Pompeo today thanking the Saudis for, quote, a thorough, transparent and timely investigation. Many critics think it's been anything but that. Two weeks after the u.s.-based writer walked into the consulate and never came out, on Monday, first came the cleaning crew. Turkish president erdogan today suggesting the consulate could have been recently painted. Then, the forensics team finally moved in, searching for nine hours, and according to ap, they found "Certain evidence" Jamal khashoggi was killed there. But police sources telling ABC news there are no conclusions so far. "The Washington post" now obtaining scans of passports from Turkish officials, members of the alleged hit squad. The search for evidence now expanding. Less than two hours after Jamal khashoggi had gone into the consulate, this mysterious black van leaves. Drives down the road of this quiet suburban street in istanbul and leaves here at the resident of the Saudi consul. This video released by the Turks shows this mysterious black van traveling to the residence on the day the writer went missing. A source telling ABC the Saudis may be ready to admit responsibility for khashoggi's death. Reportedly as part of an interrogation gone wrong. And so let's get right to Ian Pannell, on the scene again tonight. And Ian, you reported there on the second location they want to get to, the residence. Are they in yet? Reporter: Yeah, David, we just heard, ABC sources confirming that investigators were not allowed into the residence, blocked by the Saudis. Forensics essentially want to get inside there because they want to know whether or not Jamal khashoggi or his body were ever there. David? Ian Pannell leading us off again tonight. Ian, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"A Turkish official said investigators planned to search the Turkish consul general's residence, according to the AP.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58543426","title":"Pompeo: Saudi probe into Khashoggi disappearance 'thorough'","url":"/WNT/video/pompeo-saudi-probe-khashoggi-disappearance-58543426"}