Pope Benedict's Secret Medical Procedure, Retirement Home

More information revealed after the pontiff's surprise announcement.
2:20 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict's Secret Medical Procedure, Retirement Home
we're learning about pope benedict. New pictures of the place he will live in retirement. And the call for a new pope who represents a changing world. Abc's david wright is at the vatican for us tonight. Reporter: At the end of the month, he'll have to move out of the apostolic palace, the pope's official residence since the 17th century. Every previous occupant has stayed until he died. Pope benedict will be the first to walk out the door. He won't have to walk far. Today, the vatican revealed his retirement home is just behind st. Peter's. A former nunnery with its own chapel and library. Today, the vatican spokesman also disclosed new details about the pope's deteriorating health, revealing he has a pacemaker and he recently underwent surgery to replace the batteries. Nothing sudden. But over the past few years, he certainly slowed down a bit. Reporter: Already, the focus is on choosing his successor. A process that's not at all like voting for president. You try to read god's mind. Think "who do you want as pope?" Reporter: One possible candidate, cardinal peter turkson of ghana. The new pope has to be very sensitive to the present candidate of humanity. Reporter: For centuries, the college of cardinals has been overwhelmingly white. Among the voting cardinals today, there are as many italians as there are africans and asians combined. The papacy tends to reflect that. Today, irish bookies were outside st. Peter's square, taking bets. Cardinal marc ouellet, who would be the first north american pope. Just ahead of cardinal turkson, from ghana. Reporter: They don't really like betters belittling this process. What is the problem, sir? Reporter: We watched as they dragged the bookies off. Isn't betting a thing? I don't know if it's a sin. Maybe, some would argue it's entertainment. Reporter: Speculating as to who the next pope will be is a form of entertainment, just seems to be engaged in right now. But unless you are one of men in red on the inside, diane, it's just a parlor game. All right, david wright reporting in from the vatican

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{"id":18481514,"title":"Pope Benedict's Secret Medical Procedure, Retirement Home","duration":"2:20","description":"More information revealed after the pontiff's surprise announcement.","url":"/WNT/video/pope-benedicts-secret-medical-procedure-retirement-home-18481514","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}