Pope Calls on Flock to Be Merciful

Worshippers pack St. Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis deliver his inaugural angelus.
3:00 | 03/17/13

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Transcript for Pope Calls on Flock to Be Merciful
Hundreds of thousands of worshippers packed Saint Peter's Square to hear Pope -- deliver his inaugural blessing. Delighting the crowd with a prayer he delivered without anything written down and beforehand he ventured into the crowd to greet well wishers face to face security they're trailing him. The people of -- reveling in that very human moment but back -- the pope's home country of Argentina tonight this Sunday brought headlines about the pope's past. ABC's Matt Gutman from Argentina this evening. The pictures in his battered leather suitcase. Or almost still Dele quadra has left listens to -- No she says they keep that seven of my family members are they took everything including her sister -- was five months pregnant in the second road -- it was 1977. Just days after -- gave birth to her infant daughter named Anna was ripped from her and give it away. Elaine it was later killed so was still a Stanley turned to the one person they were told could help locate -- -- And delayed hope France's then the top jesuit in Argentina it is -- -- -- -- a -- goalie allegedly told him the one thing he could do. Is write this note referring them to a priest associated with the brutal dictatorship the junta which tortured and killed. The 30000. People here from 1976. To 1983. But so many of the atrocities. Perpetrated in plain -- Right here the hard when Cyrus. Children were kidnapped an apparent that there were kept here put -- in -- Did we toured the site. They were reported in drag down the stairs where they were torture in that basement for days sometimes months on end. 5000 people were brought down there just over a hundred with to tell about it. Two of them -- the pope's own jesuit priests they later accused him of complicity. But -- 2010 testimony the Pope said he acted immediately and in a moment of desperation. Did his best to save them is still -- claims he had the power to help her family but didn't. You. He didn't want to -- her little -- occasion. We were -- As recently as last month human rights tribunal found the church complicit in some of the atrocities with priests even blessing torture chambers. Like this what.

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{"id":18751190,"title":"Pope Calls on Flock to Be Merciful","duration":"3:00","description":"Worshippers pack St. Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis deliver his inaugural angelus.","url":"/WNT/video/pope-calls-flock-merciful-18751190","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}