Pope Francis: Meet the New Leader of the Catholic Church

A look at what Cardinal Bergolio's election means for future of the church.
3:27 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis: Meet the New Leader of the Catholic Church
We begin with those new clues from the new leader of the 1.2 billion catholics all over the world. Pope francis hinting at what kind upon pope he will be. He began his day praying privately. He saw this image today, francis kneeling at an altar, praying for 30 minutes. One of them right here, francis as a cardinal, riding the subway in argentina. Terry moran tonight on where the pope stands on many of the most divisive issues facing the catholic church. Reporter: Pope francis returned to the sistine chapel today to celebrate the first mass of his papacy, and to offer, in his short homily, a challenge to the very cardinals who elected him. "I would like for all of us to have courageo build the church," he said. As a night in st. Peter's turned to day in rome, the surprise of francis' election turned to intense curiosity about him and today there were some news. He went to st. Mary major's basilica this morning, slipping in quietly through a side door, to pray to the virgin. And then he stopped at the guesthouse where he's been staying to pick up his own bags and pay his bill. He's going to be a simple person. He is not going to speak in grand theological terms, he is going to say things simply and try to do things simply. Reporter: That's how he lives in argentina, where he was archbishop of buenos aires. Taking the bus to work, ministering to the poor and castigating the rich, shunning the trappings of his office, rooting hard for the lorenzo soccer club. Before the priesthood he loved chemistry, dancing the tango and a young woman who remembered the proposal he made in a love letter. "It said that we were going to get married," she remembers. "And he drew a house where we would live." But he chose a different path. Now, as the world comes to know him, it turns out on many issues, pope francis is a staunch traditionalist. He's compared abortion to a death sentence. Called gay marriage "destructive of god's plan." Though he has suggested contraception, which the church opposes, may be permissible to stop the spread of disease. He's 76 and has one lung. And 55 years ago, he had an operation to remove part of oneling. It's raised some health concerns, but friend tell us he's strong and doctors say it shouldn't have any impact. He may look like a gentle man, but there's another side to him. He's tough, and he'll need it. Terry, our thanks to you. This evening our first glimpse inside the sistine chapel. A rare glimpse from new york cardinal timothy dolan, who told george stephanopoulos what it was like as they neerd those crucial 77 votes. Still the moment he got to the number needed, 77, was wonderfully inspirational. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. What moved me was how the whole nature and identity of jorge bergoglio changed and was transformed into pope francis. Here was a man we were pouring coffee with just a few hours before and chatting with, and l of a sudden he's our holy father. He was very serene and remarkably at peace and did not seem to be rattled, did not seem to agonize over things. Just was a man of resignation.

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{"id":18733101,"title":"Pope Francis: Meet the New Leader of the Catholic Church","duration":"3:27","description":"A look at what Cardinal Bergolio's election means for future of the church.","url":"/WNT/video/pope-francis-meet-leader-catholic-church-18733101","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}