Pope's Final Blessing Draws Huge Crowds

Faithful flock to Vatican square for Pope Benedict's final Sunday mass.
1:48 | 02/24/13

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Transcript for Pope's Final Blessing Draws Huge Crowds
the catholic church are dwindling, but crowds are growing, and so are the whispers and rumors about why he's leaving. And about what will happen next. Abc's david wright reports from the vatican city again tonight. Reporter: The crowd today was twice the size of last week's sunday blessing. 100,000 people come to say goodbye. Benedict said his goodbyes by way of a gospel verse. Luke 9:28. At this point in my life, the lord is calling me to climb the mountain, saying he'll still serve the church, but in a way better suited to his age and strength. This time next week, the papal apartment will be sealed and the campaign to choose benedict's successor will be well under way. But it's already clear it will be anything but politics as usual. This weekend, the vatican struggled to refute unattributed reports in the italian paper that a church sex and blackmail scandal is about to explode. Today more voting cardinals were being pressured to bow out of the conclave because they've been tainted by the sexual abuse scandal. Among them, roger mahoney of los angeles and shaun brady of ireland, both of whom covered up for pedophile priests. Today new allegations. Against brin's senior cardinal keith o'brian. Four priests in scotland told a british newspaper he made unwanted sexual advances. The cardinal, known for his outspoken views on homosexuality denies the charges. When you have a transition, you get tons of rumors and whispers. Most of them are not true. Reporter: Today in one of his last papal tweets, benedict asked for a show of good faith. David wright, abc news, the vatican.

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{"id":18583576,"title":"Pope's Final Blessing Draws Huge Crowds","duration":"1:48","description":"Faithful flock to Vatican square for Pope Benedict's final Sunday mass.","url":"/WNT/video/popes-final-blessing-draws-huge-crowds-18583576","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}