Former President Jimmy Carter Reveals He Has Cancer

1:59 | 08/13/15

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Transcript for Former President Jimmy Carter Reveals He Has Cancer
thank you. We're going to turn now to that other developing headline here at home tonight. We learned late today that former president jimmy Carter has been diagnosed with cancer. Revealing tonight it has spread, discovered during surgery earlier this month. ABC's David Kerley on president Carter's message. Reporter: The former president, tonight sharing with a world he's been so engaged with that he has cancer. And it has spread. In his statement tonight, Mr. Carter says the cancer was discovered during "Liver surgery" the cancer was discovered which is now, quote, in other parts of my body. President Carter reminisced with George stephanopoulos about his latest book, "A full life," acknowledging that the final chapters are being written. I know that in a few years since I'll be 91 in October, that my travel capability and my vigor -- physical vigor is going to die down. Reporter: Mr. Carter's parents, two sisters and brother all died of cancer. The 39th president, from plains, Georgia, was denied a second term, losing to Ronald Reagan in the midst of the Iranian hostage crisis. But his post-presidency, one of the busiest ever. Filled with the work of the Carter center. President Carter is cancelling his schedule so he can stay in Atlanta for treatment and will possibly reveal more about his condition next week. The current president, Mr. Obama says, we hope for a fast and full recovery and says they are praying for the entire Carter family as they face this challenge with the same grace and determination they have shown so many times before. David? We all feel that way tonight. David thank you. I want to get right to Dr. Richard Besser. Rich, they discovered this during surgery on his liver a few weeks back. What does this tell you? Cancer from many different parts of the body can show up in the liver. Doctors are going to be working to figure out where did this come from, and then at a cellular level, what made these cancer cells turn cancerous. Tomorrow at that point can they determine the best treatment as well as prognosis. We are all pulling for president Carter tonight. Rich, thank you.

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