President Obama Attends the G8 Summit

President discusses Syria with Putin and possible free trade agreement with world leaders.
1:48 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for President Obama Attends the G8 Summit
give an american. Let's follow up with jon karl who is traveling with the president. Awkward timing with the leak. How embarrassed is the white house and does the president feel the need to apologize to president putin during their meeting today? The leak seemed time to add tension to what was already going to be a tension meeting with putin but the white house says it didn't even come up with the two men met. The bottom line for senior administration officials is the russians and the americans have been spying on each other for a long time. It should be no surprise that that spying still goes on on both sides. The main subject, syria moving to arm the rubls right now. Russia on the other side, was there any common ground? No real sign of progress at all. The two came out of the meeting both saying that they wanted a political legislation but the bottom line remained the same. After meeting for two hours it was clear that the russians will continue to send arms to president assad while president obama and the americans are sending arms to the rebels. On a much lighter note the president's family on the trip. What did the first lady and the girls do today? They vengs toured into the heart of ireland. They went to dublin where they went to trinity college library and were shown birth records from president obama's great, great, great grandfather who is from ireland. They also, george, met with their distant cousin here, henry heely and were given a certificate of irish ancestry that they will take back to america to prove the obama's have irish roots. A supreme court victory for

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{"id":19423526,"title":"President Obama Attends the G8 Summit","duration":"1:48","description":"President discusses Syria with Putin and possible free trade agreement with world leaders.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-attends-g8-summit-19423526","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}