President Obama and Donald Trump Taking Direct Aim at Each Other

Trump claims to have seen video of the U.S. giving $400 million to Iran, but some say that is not what was on the video.
6:29 | 08/04/16

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Transcript for President Obama and Donald Trump Taking Direct Aim at Each Other
We begin tonight with several major developments in the race for president just a short time ago President Obama would very pointed words about Donald Trump. The president was asked about trump who has said the election this November could be rigged. The president was also west of Donald Trump can be trusted with the nuclear codes. At the president was asked whether Donald Trump is ready to receive classified briefings. At the national security team gives to presidential candidates every four years there was briefings set to begin soon. And all of this just as a new poll is out tonight showing Hillary Clinton with a fifteen point lead now. Another poll showing her lead at nine point it's ABC's Tommy honest with what the president said just moments ago about Donald Trump. Tonight President Obama mocking Donald Trump's claim that the election is race course of elections will not be ripped it has gained. I'm. Trump hammering that you all week I'm afraid the election's going to be erect I have to be honest people can walk in they're gonna vote ten dimes and Eddie who now is what the president now dismissing that as nonsense you mr. trump suggested that there is eight. Conspiracy theory that is. Improper. Across the cuff. That's ridiculous that doesn't make sense the president going even further alluding to the new polls just out tonight that mr. trump is off. Ten or fifteen boards. All washing their hands up isn't. Maybe even raise questions. Doesn't your case Paul. As President Obama again takes on trump pointed is embracing their relationship. Her campaign releasing this behind the scenes video. Clinton walking out of that convention stage to oppose the bid shields. It has Democrats highlight their unity. For Republicans it's just the opposite leaders like house speaker Paul Ryan now complaining trump has been off message since his convention. Eight that's pretty strange Ron since the convention. You would think that we ought to be focusing on Hillary Clinton on all of her deficiencies. She is such a weak candidate. And it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about these days. So concerned that truck refuses to let things go five days after this speech have you even read the United States constitution. Hope was still lashing out the fourth or fifth I was viciously attacked so I think I have the right you're never. Today trumps rally interrupted by protesters. It. Also today you re twenty interrupted by protesters as well. Secret Service agents what I need onto the stage. The hecklers animal right activists Clinton taking the opportunity to hit trump any zone. Eight these people are here to protest trop because drop it is kids that killed a lot of animals. Thank you. She's referring to photos like these that have gone viral Don junior and Eric trump. Who were avid hunters have been criticized for hunting and posing with some wither beat. Game kills that moment playing out late today Tommy Thomas with us now live in Tom back to the president because he was also asked. If he was concerned about the classified briefings on national security that are given every four years of the candidates. If he's concerned about classified information soon to be shared with mr. trump. They did he didn't reference mr. trump directly but he did say this. If they want to be president they have to start acting like president. That means being able to receive these briefings and not spread of around. David Tom Dow misleading us off tonight Tom thanks as always and there were also tough questions for President Obama himself. About the headline this week revealing a 400 million dollar cash payment to Iraq. As those four Americans were released the president adamantly saying it was not ransom for American hostages ABC's Mary Bruce asking the president this. Your response to critics say the 400 million dollars in cash that you sent to Iran with a ransom payment wasn't really simply appear court. At some that was a payment that was held up almost four decades was suddenly sensed that the exact same time that the American prisoners. Released and can you assure the American people that that none of that money went to support terrorism. Spinners are to watch the stores surface that this wasn't some. Nefarious video that we do not pay a ransom we didn't hear and we don't. We won't in the future. Let's get right to ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl you were watching this week the me and you've been asking the White House about these payouts. For months now and the president reiterating that points and we talked about it before that this is manufactured outrage David I asked pleaded questions about this back in January. But what we did not know back then it is that 400 million dollars of the money. Which over in cash at precisely the moment. That Iran released four American prisoners and if you notice the president did not answer merry second question. Which is king you assure the American people that that money didn't go to support terrorism David the State Department itself just two months ago Pratt reports saying. Iran remains the foremost state sponsor of terrorism are Jon Karl Mary Bruce at the Pentagon today thanks to you both.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Trump claims to have seen video of the U.S. giving $400 million to Iran, but some say that is not what was on the video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41131692","title":"President Obama and Donald Trump Taking Direct Aim at Each Other","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-donald-trump-taking-direct-aim-41131692"}