President Obama on Guns: Proposal to Crack Down on Violence

Jon Karl reports on the White House plan in gun control debate.
3:00 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama on Guns: Proposal to Crack Down on Violence
And this morning, the president made his move, his plan to curb gun violence in america. He said 900 americans have been killed by guns in the one month since newtown. The powerful nra responded to him immediately, saying they would fight the president hard. And they even put the president's daughters at the center of the argument. Here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. Reporter: As gun sales across the country continue their record pace, gun advocates reacted swiftly to the president, declaring they will fight his proposals on every level. In mississippi, the governor said he wants to make it illegal in his state to enforce any new federal gun law. To use this tragedy some how as to say we need great reforms is just the wrong thing to do. Reporter: In oregon, a sheriff stood by his intention to not enforce any law he believes is unconstitutional. Making criminals out of honest citizens, that's not the right path to go down. Reporter: When the president made his announcement, he was joined by four kids who wrote him letters after sandy hook. These are some pretty smart letters from some pretty smart young people. Julia said -- julia, where are you? There you go. "I'm not scared for my safety, I'm scared for others." Reporter: Rush limbaugh mocked that. The children are writing letters to the president, we don't want to die, we don't want to die. Reporter: The president's proposals would ban assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips and require background checks on virtually every gun sale, even those between private individuals at gun shows. He called on his supporters to put pressure on members of congress. Ask them what's more important. Doing whatever it takes to get an a-grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns? Or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. Reporter: The president also announced 23 executive actions he can take without congress, including improving existing background checks and helping get security officers for schools that want them. The national reichel sew yags took a personal shot at the president, calling him an elitist hypocrite. Why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? Reporter: The white house called that repugnant and cowardly. The nra did not back down. Oh, it's going to be -- it's going to be a battle. We're going to be there and we're going to fight it. Reporter: As the white house launches a full-scale campaign to promote the plan, children like 11-year-old julia stokes will be front and center. What made you decide to write to the president? Well, I was so overwhelmed with sadness about sandy hook and I knew as one person, i couldn't do anything, but I knew president obama could. Reporter: The president's first task is to convince members of his own party to support his plan. Specifically the 11 democrats in the senate who have an a or b rating from the nra, without their support, diane, his plan doesn't have a prayer of passing. At the white house, jonathan karl. Thank you, jon.

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{"id":18232889,"title":"President Obama on Guns: Proposal to Crack Down on Violence","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Karl reports on the White House plan in gun control debate.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-guns-proposal-crack-violence-18232889","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}