President Trump insists he did nothing wrong during Ukraine call

The president of Ukraine said “it was just a call” and that he didn’t feel pressured by president Trump.
1:57 | 10/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump insists he did nothing wrong during Ukraine call
The impeachment showdown this evening and the president now lashing out after a new poll, this time from Fox News. 51% answering that poll now believe the president should not only be impeached but also removed from office. And tonight, the president's supporters, from Republicans on the hill to the president of Ukraine, all being asked, is it right to ask a foreign leader, a foreign government, for help investigating a political rival? And the difficulty they face in answering that question. Here's our chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl. Reporter: Late today, president trump repeatedly defended his decision to ask the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. We had an absolutely perfect conversation. Reporter: But vulnerable Republican senators, like Cory Gardner of Colorado, are now facing tough questions. Do you believe it's appropriate for the president of the United States to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival, yes or no? Well, look, this is what we're going to get into. The senate intelligence committee is having an investigation. But the question is, is it appropriate for a president to ask a foreign government to ask a foreign government -- Look, I think we're going to have an investigation and it's a nonpartisan investigation. But senator, it's a yes or no question. It's a nonpartisan investigation. It's an answer you get from a very serious investigation. Reporter: President zelensky of Ukraine has said he didn't feel pressured by the president, and today, he told Tom llamas that he didn't think the president did anything wrong. What do you think of a president asking a foreign nation to investigate a political rival? Is that corrupt? I think that this is not corruption, because it was -- it was just call. Jon Karl live at the white house tonight. And Jon, tonight you are also learning of yet another administration officials now being swept up in this impeachment inquiry. Reporter: David, the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed emergency secretary Rick Perry. They want information about his interactions with Ukraine. Just last week, Perry said he would cooperate with congressional investigators, but a senior white house official tells me tonight that they will instruct him to defy that subpoena as they have all others. Jon Karl, thank you. Next this evening, the death

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The president of Ukraine said “it was just a call” and that he didn’t feel pressured by president Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66196351","title":"President Trump insists he did nothing wrong during Ukraine call","url":"/WNT/video/president-trump-insists-wrong-ukraine-call-66196351"}