Principals and Teachers Who Carry Guns at School

Alex Perez investigates school districts that arm staff members in order to protect children.
3:06 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Principals and Teachers Who Carry Guns at School
And now, our conversation about gun violence in america. And a lot of you have been writing me that the fastest way to protect children in american schools is to make sure the principal and the teachers can have guns. We wanted to explore that, so, we take you, tonight, to schools where the people trained to teach can also have weapons. Does it work? Abc news searches for solutions, after the tragedy at sandy hook. And here's abc's alex perez. Reporter: In tiny wichita falls, texas, some students say there's one thing that makes them feel safer. Their teachers are armed. I like it, because it kind of makes me feel safer, because, i mean, we don't -- Reporter: Since 2007, the harold school district allows teachers with concealed handgun licenses to carry guns in the classroom. A move the super p intendant is convinced will prevent a school shooting here. My goal, if someone tries to hurt my little ones, they are killed. Reporter: At edison high school in tulsa, oklahoma, armed guards patrol the hallways. I need to do my job fully. Reporter:28,300 schools have armed security staff on campus, according to the national center for education statistics. 20% of those primary schools, 54%, middle schools, 68% of those, high school schools, have armed security. And since the tragedy at sandy hook, lawmakers across the country now pushing a new solution. To arm teachers in classrooms with guns. You should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state. I wish to god she had had an m-4 in her office, locked up. Reporter: Gun advocates point to a case in 1997, when an armed vice principal at a high school in mississippi stopped a 16-year-old gunman who had already shot and killed two students. But at a school in chicago, where the focus is high tech security, but no guns, fourth grade teach earl dara sacker says training teachers to be sharp shooters and expecting them to be at the rice place at the right time is unrealistic. I wouldn't feel comfortable. I think it would be better to keep the guns out of school rather than arm teachers. Reporter: In this season in which people are desperate to do something, in tennessee, one marine overcome with emotion after sandy hook, decided to do something on his own. He stands guard outside his daughter's school in nashville, praying his uniform will be enough to deter the unthinkable. You are able and capable of doing something, you have the responsibility to act. Reporter: Only one goal, he says, to be a tiny sense of hope after a flood of despair. C news, chico. And be sure to watch

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Alex Perez investigates school districts that arm staff members in order to protect children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18020279","title":"Principals and Teachers Who Carry Guns at School","url":"/WNT/video/principals-teachers-carry-guns-school-18020279"}